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  1. Apostolic Ministers Conference 2007
  2. How bout that wacky astronaut?
  3. No, it's not BUFFALO!
  4. Trash can kill!!!!
  5. Bishop Earl Paulk confesses on Local TV!!!!
  6. Al Gore to rock against global warming.
  7. Why Women Have Fewer Babies
  8. Pastor with 666 tattoo claims to be divine
  9. Chuck Baldwin Live
  10. John Looper
  11. At It Again-Tattooing Followers With 666!!
  12. House of Reps set to vote on 'hate crimes' giving homosexuals special rights
  13. Jesus’ burial site found
  14. Anna Nicole Smith Claims Jesus Christ as her Lord
  15. Sad story, 12 year old dies from a tooth ache.
  16. Highway 69...taking our land and RIGHTS!
  17. Jesus Tomb Claim Slammed By Scholars
  18. What Happens When A Federal Disaster Area Is Declared?
  19. Sobering Article by Newt Gingrich-Terrorist Attack is Coming
  20. Are Americans Ignorant About Religion?
  21. Why do Shiites Hate Sunnis?
  22. Obama Vs Hillary- who would you go for?
  23. Godless Dollars
  24. Man calls police for assistance in break-in
  25. Gene Shopping: Parents Want Pass on Deadly Diseases with New Procedure
  26. Ga. moves closer on school Bible classes
  27. House Democrats introduce bill to restore habeas corpus
  28. Global warming: the bogus religion of our age
  29. Bush in Brazil
  30. A more conciliatory Farrakhan: 'I've evolved'
  31. Feel Like Gas Prices Are High?
  32. Could you Vote for Mayor Giulioni ?
  33. CSPAN Interviews Ron Paul On His Presidential Candidacy
  34. Ron Paul is running!!!
  35. Naked, drunk, surrounded by sex toys - it's the Israeli ambassador
  36. Article about woman who visits her autistic brother's church...which is Pentecostal
  37. Irwin Baxter influences Real ID battle...?
  38. Iron Curtain over Britain? Are we next?
  39. Killing ourselves and our future
  40. This Man Could Be Our Next President
  41. S.C. may cut jail time for organ donors
  42. Ron Paul exposes "neoconservativism"
  43. San Juan nuclear submarine in false alarm drama
  44. Hate crimes legislation, again...
  45. Effort to hide homosexual indoctrination uncovered in IL school
  46. Russia still a threat
  47. House votes to oppose federal license law
  48. Gambia president claims AIDS cure; experts scoff
  49. Roger Bennett Passes Away -Legacy Five Founder
  50. Project For A New American Century
  51. The Endgame Of RealID and Passport Restrictions
  52. CNN Breaking News On The Missing Boy Scout
  53. State Dumb Laws.
  54. And Now It Begins....UK: 15 Marines seized by Iran
  55. housewife convicted of frying husband
  56. Kings of Leon On David Letterman Tonight
  57. This Shocked Me - JTS to allow gays
  58. Impeach Bush?
  59. British soldiers are hostages
  60. Hillary the most scary candidate
  61. Ron Paul's YouTube Channel
  62. Hillary's real agenda!!!!!!
  63. One More Thing To Consider-Hillary Clinton
  64. Tsunami Slams Solomons Islands
  65. US Gooberment wants the master key to the Internet
  66. War With Iran-Imminent? And At What Cost?
  67. Medical Marijuana
  68. Gas prices soaring
  69. Why this scientist believes in God
  70. Islamic Prayer before Texas Senate
  71. Tommy Thompson for President!
  72. The Love of A Father: Team Hoyt
  73. Johnny Hart Is Dead
  74. Britain's view of the future...
  75. Washington DC's occultic design
  76. Selling off America
  77. Winkler Trial
  78. Ron Paul live, right now~~~!!!!
  79. CC1s official Ron Paul Is An Idiot thread
  80. Birkhead is the father
  81. Eighty Year Old Woman Arrested!!!
  82. The Prospect of All Female Conception
  83. Imus was a Democrat!
  84. Thompson and Obama Gain on Rudy and Hillary
  85. Shooting At Virginia Tech-33 Dead!
  86. Ron Paul on Bill Maher's show
  87. Supreme Court Upholds Partial Birth Abortion Ban!
  88. 2 gunmen at Virginia Tech
  89. The drugging of America
  90. Johnson Space Center was evacuated
  91. The tragedys CNN forgot
  92. Al sharpton Vs Sean Hannity hold debate. whites Vs Blacks
  93. Earth Day 2007
  94. Boris Yeltsin Passes Away
  95. Rev Phelps holding Protest at Virginia Tech Funerals
  96. Fred Thompson On Federalism
  97. What to expect when Liberal nut jobs rule America
  98. VA settles lawsuit with Wiccans over grave markers
  99. Israel Attacked Again
  100. Rosie O Leaving "The View"
  101. Fight over baby's life support divides ethicists
  102. Immigration; Are we making a difference?
  103. 1st Amendment to be flushed by next Friday
  104. Student Charged for Writing Violent Essay
  105. Kings of Leon on Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  106. Jeremy Foster Show now on TV
  107. Someone gets it...the Islamic Take over
  108. Larry Birkhead died Friday 4-27-07
  109. How To Murder Your Husband & Get Away With It
  110. 9/11 and the melting metal theory
  111. Surprises In The Top 10 Most Polluted Cities In USA
  112. Free slice of pizza
  113. President Reagan Thought He Might Witness Armageddon
  114. Nashville Named 5th Best City In USA For African-Americans To Live In
  115. Here is some GOOFY News
  116. Conn. lawmakers pass Plan B pill
  117. Obama placed under Secret Service protection
  118. Jail for Paris Hilton!!!
  119. Girl stoned to death
  120. Tonight's Fight: De La Hoya or Mayweather
  121. 85% of Kansas town destroyed by tornado.
  122. Archeology, More Proof of Biblical Truth..King Herod's Tomb Found!!
  123. Senators at work to save you money...NOT
  124. American Idol Stats
  125. Religious Police in Canada...are we next?
  126. Hezbollah builds a Western base From inside South America’s Tri-border area, Iran-lin
  127. Got to Love Ron Paul!!!!
  128. Illegal Terrorists entered by the border
  129. Divorce Rates DOWN!
  130. Tennessee Teachers Stage Fake Gunman Attack
  131. Look For Fred Thompson to Run!!!
  132. Jerry Falwell
  133. Outrageous CEO perks
  134. FOX Republican Debates!
  135. Ron Paul vs. Giuliani on the Root Causes of Terrorism
  136. Forced abortions now legal in America
  137. Ron Paul gains support in second GOP debate
  138. Poll: Pentecostals Widening Influence
  139. Giuliani, the NAFTA/North american Union front man
  140. Forget Iraq, SECURE OUR BORDER!!!!
  141. God Hates American now too...and Falwell?
  142. This is an awesome Hydrogen development for cars.
  143. 9 Year Old Poisons Family
  144. Carter Blasts Bush on His Global Impact
  145. Truth Tellers Site.
  146. Educating Rudy
  147. Al Gore's "Carbon-Neutral" Lifestyle
  148. The neocon moment is over
  149. Key California Republican Group Endorses Ron Paul
  150. YOUR OPINION PLEASE- Chenney's New Grand Child
  151. Awesome Video in Africa. A cool battle between Buffalo, Lions and Crocks
  152. Newseek Article on Internet TV
  153. UPC Pastor Quoted in USA Today
  154. And the US gets ripped for "torture"???
  155. Adult!! Amazing Article...Internet Pornagraphy:Worse than Crack Cocaine... Addictive
  156. Changing America, inch by inch
  157. Memorial Day: A Father's perspective
  158. Liberal's best arguments protected free speech
  159. Imus is sacked while B Maher gets away with it
  160. Whatever Happened To The "Land Of The Free?"
  161. Time Bombs In Our Midst
  162. Key Face of Anti-War Movement Moving On
  163. Was Jerry Falwell Right About the Teletubbies?
  164. Monster Pig shot by 11 year old boy.
  165. Americans spend..
  166. Your President Working Hard...to build detention camps?
  167. Air Travel safer today?
  168. Bush the Dictator
  169. H.S. Diploma denied!!
  170. Dr Death: Kevorkian Released From Prison Today
  171. Lego mania
  172. Creation Museum Criticized But What Else Is New?
  173. My Take On Illegal Immigration
  174. Poisonous toothpaste from China
  175. YIKES!!!! Ted haggard's "FRIEND" Writes tell All book
  176. Swiss Suicide Clinics Helping Depressed Die?
  177. Russian president Putin issues warning over U.S. missile defense ahead of G-8
  178. Do You Want To Do Something Real About Gasoline Prices?
  179. Another Republican Candidate Debate Tonight 7pm on CNN
  180. Fred Thompson Is About To Run For President!
  181. Another Paula/Randy White Fiasco Reported Today... Looks like they need some Walls...
  182. Close call for the Pope
  183. Could Ron Paul Win in New Hampshire?
  184. Ron Paul On Tucker Carlson 06/04/2007
  185. Ron Paul Wins ABC Debate Poll
  186. Paris Sent back to Jail Screaming Hysterically!
  187. LaKisha celebration today...
  188. Palestinians attack Israel again
  189. Poland's Millitary can't even protect keys...
  190. Panarama San Fran Golden Gate & Alcatraz..
  191. Honor Killing in the UKLONDON — A father who ordered his daughter brutally slain for
  192. No Terrorists in Iraq....read Algores lips
  193. Andrew Napolitano at the FFF
  194. bill making it a crime to speak against homosexuality???
  195. Gee's Bend Quilt Pictures.
  196. Polygamy causing genetic disorders
  197. Tragedy at Cars for Kids Show
  198. Our Moderate Muslim Friends
  199. New Ten Commandments - Fresh from the Vatican
  200. Fred Thompson - Union Dues and Secret Ballots
  201. Digging! Did you get your letter from Ron?
  202. Should Congressional Earmarks be public?
  203. Rosies Blog link on AOL
  204. Your Cell Phone can be used to spy on you
  205. Baptists announce national immigration effort
  206. Cheney declares himself outside executive branch?????
  207. Will the GOP oust Cheney......
  208. The Chip-In Another Form
  209. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears....
  210. Texas Hill Country getting hammered by rain...
  211. Universal Health Care just keeps getting better - Arghh!
  212. Russia Lays Claim To The North Pole (and all of it's oil - more than Saudi Arabia)
  213. Governor asks Alabama citizens to pray for rain
  214. Chris Benoit -Murder Suicide
  215. Ron Paul - Freedom Is Popular
  216. Majority of Americans now believe you can't change being gay!!!
  217. National Anthem You HAVE To See.......
  218. AZ Bill Could Penalize Employers - If Gov Signs It
  219. No Jail Time For Scooter Libby
  220. Texas Supreme Court vindicates pastor
  221. If the election was today
  222. 'Gay'-rights leader quits homosexuality
  223. American wins hot-dog eating contest: The Way It Should Be
  224. WOW! These people don't mess around!
  225. Only in the Liberal Media: Good New is Bad News
  226. U. N. Further Advances its Globalist Agenda
  227. Episcopal priest says she also is Muslim
  228. Money falls from sky
  229. Sheehan considers challenge to Pelosi
  230. Do you still support the War in Iraq?
  231. Mental Health Screening, You May Be Next
  232. Pirate Attacks Up Sharply
  233. Gender-bender Methodist minister wins approval of denomination
  234. Oh! This man is feeling alive!!!!
  235. Ron Paul Gets More Google Searches Than Paris Hilton & IPhone
  236. Earthquake just hit Japan
  237. Ron Paul Leading The Cause Of Freedom In Iowa
  238. Ron Pall On Candidates@Google
  239. Ron Paul #1 In Military Personell Contributions
  240. Hate Crimes Legislation
  241. Ron Paul Doesn't Have A Chance
  242. More Muslims rejecting Extremism?
  243. photos from rev michael alvear
  244. 911 Pranks Land Man In Jail
  245. Marijuana Use linked to liklihood of psychosis?
  246. Pistol Packing Rev. James Kilgore stops a thief!!
  247. Replacement Industry for Hollywood
  248. Paris Hiltons Grandfather is FED UP!!
  249. Who Is This Fellow ?
  250. Kurdish Gangs Emerge in Nashville