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  1. If you end up here...
  2. Crybabies!!
  3. iamsittinginatrainingclass!
  4. spam
  5. Is Spanish banned?
  6. Feeling a little depressed at the moment.
  7. Who did this????
  8. Attention BellSouth email users
  9. Dear Rhoni: I'm Being Harassed and Bullied by an AFF pos[t]er
  10. My typing class is boring
  11. 1 Corinth2V4's Cave of Perplexity & Woes
  12. What should I do to tame my war freak girlfriend
  13. Empty Void.
  14. The Virtue of Wisdom
  15. God does not accept sin
  16. Question For UPC Pastors and Elders
  17. The Money Changers
  18. They Are Coming To Earth Soon
  19. They Pollute The Mercy Of The Lord
  20. I will Make You A Deal Peace Treaty
  21. Buying An Selling Holy Things of God
  22. Bertcarring!!!
  23. The Seven Spirits of God
  24. Some of my favirite bible verses
  25. Is Bert the Spammer gone?
  26. Do You Need A Miracle?
  27. The Wisdom of God.
  28. Harassment?
  29. Jesus Speaking in Tongues (Written)
  30. Sure is quiet in here.
  31. Do you think