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  1. Shock! PAW having Baptist Preacher as a guest SPeaker!!!
  2. News Flash! Pastor Reba Rambo opens Gay CHurch!!!
  3. Pastor Blast A. Mangun, PAW, UPC, Jakes & Others in Scathing Article!
  4. Pastor Jentezen Franklin now Senior Pastor in California
  5. QUESTION: Did This UPC pastor Steal Money from the church?? you decide
  6. The Official Tab III
  7. I was at Jakes service last nite- my take on it
  8. (((TOTAL SHOCK))) Video of benny Hinn at party serving cocaine????
  9. Complaints coming in about Thads Tab!!!!!
  10. Christ Church New Pastor installed????
  11. Big News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. KIRK FRANKLIN- salacious Gossip !!
  13. NEWS FLASH! The Cons getting cold Feet?????????????
  14. Tw Barnes News Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I went to Walter Hawkins church Tonight!
  16. (-(ALL Exclusive)-)TV resolution going down for defeat?????
  17. **TD JAKES Earth Shaking NEWS!!!!****
  18. Paula white & rick Hawkins Marrying???? you gotta see this!!!!
  19. UPC PASTOR Released From Prison !!!!!
  20. Promianat UPC Son's TV Show causing Firestorm!!!
  21. NLYP Backs out of General Conference!
  22. The official CRANKY LIST
  23. Irvin Baxter Shocker!!! Building TV Studio???????
  24. These Big Name Preachers For Tv???????????
  25. Jaunita Bynum on ABC Tomorrow !
  26. (WOW) Letter Against Stephan Hoover & Other UPC pastors!
  27. (((Gasping for Air!!))) UPC Preachers Spotted at Yankees Vs Tampa Game!!!!
  28. Thad's Pentecostal/Charismatic "List"
  29. (GC NEWSFLASH)Missions Director about to Get the Boot???
  30. NEW Southern CA. District Just Approved!!
  31. Lawsuits, Letters,Scandal, Threats rocking Apostolic Assemby!
  32. David Bernard endorsing Christian Rock Band??
  33. FELICITY"S Grand Return to the UPC!!!!!!!!
  34. GB5 caught in Huge Business Scandal ! ! ! !
  35. Ultra Cons Angry at Today's Meeting!!!!!
  36. PLease check out our New church Website!!!!
  37. ((NewsFlash)) RL Mitchell back Preaching in the UPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. (Anouncing..) Steve Epley & I are back on good terms
  39. HANEY Publically Declares he's for TV Tonight?
  40. Resolution Report about Mississippi District!
  41. Anthony Mangun and Others Starting at TV Ministry?????
  42. Ultra cons Storm out of the Meeting ANGRY!!!!
  43. Is Vaugn Morton & Company Exiting the UPC ?
  44. BYE BYE kansas Preacher ! ! ! !
  45. LIST of those for and againt the resolution
  46. ((MAJOR ALERT!!)) SECRET meetings being held by Ultra cons right now!!
  47. <<<BREAKING>>> Over 200 Preachers reported to be leaving UPC!
  48. Jonny Godair? New Organization? Houston meeting ??
  49. Western District Supt.
  50. UPC Apology to Kenneth Phillips ? ? ?
  51. Thad should be in SHOCK radio!
  52. ~~ A Favor to Ask of My friends ~~
  53. **Why I am going to vote for Hilary Clinton**
  54. FALLOUT!!! 80+ preachers Leaving California????
  55. **** News Flash *** News Flash****
  56. QUESTION: Are you over weight??? If so.....
  57. MY O MY!!!!! Man with Goatee Singing Tonight at General Conference!!!
  58. <<<BREAKING!!!!!>>>Thad and Kansas Preacher Make Up -- But They DON'T KISS!
  59. (((Scathing REBUKE From Tonight's Speaker!!))))
  60. //////////all Exclusive News/////////////
  61. SHOCKER!! Preachers Watching Game in Sports Bar!!!!
  62. TIME Magazine Article on Paula, Jaunita and Mega Pastors
  63. ************~T~h~e ~L~a~t~e~s~t**************
  64. TONIGHT(((Special Announcment)))
  65. THE BRANSON MEETING!!!! Cons slated for meeting!
  66. ---Farewell AFF ---
  67. Shocker!!!! **********High Up Official Exposed**********
  68. An essay on Thad
  69. The Real Reason Thad Stopped Posting
  70. I'm Back!!!
  71. (((((((((((((((((warning)))))))))))))))))))))))))
  72. UPC Dist. Supt. Forbidding Pastors from Advertising!!!!!!!!!!
  73. TBN ALERT! AtlantaBishop to be interviewed Tomorrow!!!!
  74. WATCH THIS!! Charismatics Barking, howling, laughing!! God or satan?
  75. UPC Missionary to Honduras Leaving over TV Resolution!!!!!!
  76. JOEL OSTEEN interviewed on CBS last night
  77. {{{{BAAMMM!!}}}}Ultra Con Trashes Haney! Letter you've been waiting for!
  78. SNAKES IN THE PULPIT!! New book exposes jakes, Osteen, dollor & eddie Long
  79. PAW Is Crumbling!!!Bishop Noel Jones is leaving too!
  80. NEW EXPLOSIVE Allegations against ORU's Richard & Lindsay Roberts!!!!
  81. Website Questions Jakes/Dr Phil Connection
  82. LEE GRADY uncovers More Dirt on Bishop Earl Paulk!
  83. **AWFUL!!** Comedy Show makes Fun Of Noel Jones!!!!
  84. Dr Phil Preaches for Jakes??? check this out!!!
  85. **RANDY PHILLPS** Belief Statement- Is it the same as his Fathers???
  86. A New California UPC Conference????
  87. ((((<<<EARTH SHAKING NEWS>>>))))))))UPC Evangelist......
  88. AtlantaBishop on ATLANTA LIVE tonight for 2 hours
  89. Another TBN Mega Pastor in a Scandal!!!
  90. ((((SHOCKER)))) Barak Obama: Stay away from Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin!!!!!!!
  91. Randy White supports strip club owner.
  92. Gospel Superstar Fred Hammond Making Movie!
  93. (((NEWS FLASH))) ALJC & UPC Merger Talks pick up Steam?
  94. RUMOR CONFIRMED!!!!! AFF Couples Dating!!!!!!!
  95. NEWSFLASH!!!!! DizzyDe is Celebrating her LAST birthday today!!!
  96. Paula White Interviews
  97. Enjoy
  98. 100 CA. Preachers turn in their Cards!!!!
  99. ((O NO!!!))Donnie McClurkin's Ex Lover telling ALL! and it's NOT GOOD
  100. A Trick Or Treat for Thad
  101. ((O MY!))Looks like SISTER Bynum's Troubles are getting WORSE
  102. BYE!!! I'm going on Strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  103. ((SCANDAL ALERT)) Another Republican in MAJOR SEX Scandal!!!!!! It's Baaaaaad!
  104. (((WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!))) Noel Jones Starts a Dating service!!!!
  105. **WATCH THIS** A Devestating New Interview w/Donnie E Paulk
  106. *Myles Young's Departure from the UPC*
  107. KILGORE'S NEW CHURCH -check it out- nice!!
  108. Sensationalism Continues
  109. **NORTH DAKOTA** Have you heard???????@@@@
  110. [[WOW]] PAULA & RANDY's W/O Walls church under investigation from a SENATOR!!!
  111. **((EXTRA EXTRA)** New SEX Scandal at PAULA'S Church-San Antonio! SEE Footage!!!
  112. TV Question
  113. **KEN COPELAND NEWS** former Employee Telling all about lAVISH LIFESTYLE!
  114. EXCLUSIVE! HIgh Profile Pastor on the Recruitment circuit for a New ORG.???
  115. VAUGHN MORTON Annouces his departure from the UPC~!!!!!!!
  116. Apostle Nate Wilson and the 70 Elders ??
  117. (((O MY)) LEE GRADY Agrees w/investigation of Paula, Creflo,Meyers ((Bonus CNN Clip)
  118. What is an acceptable salary for a Pastor?
  119. ROD PARSELY -Oneness folks shaking up his College!!!
  120. DISASTER!! Watch this Clip! CREFLO DOLLOR" Greedy Heresy Exposed"
  121. FOOTAGE!! check out Mike Mitchell's church, Choir & Jeffer's Preaching
  122. JAUNITA talks to ESSENCE about being Broke, Abused and Divorice!
  123. PAT ROBERTSON & the 700 CLub Boycott !!!
  124. SHOCKER!! PAW Min. TONEX embraces Carlton Pearson's Doctrine on TV show!!!!!
  126. ATLANTA BISHOP Writes Scathing Letter agianst Senator & Investigation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. OMG!!!!! Jaunita Bynum having VALENTINES conference to Discuss"Domestic Violence"
  128. EXCLUSIVE!!!!UPC Evangelist Saw Vision Of the coming Split! (W/PAINTING!!!)
  129. BISHOP RICK HAWKINS! More accusations, MAJOR Scandal - NOT looking Good !!!!
  130. *ABN Global* Discussing the UPC Split
  131. STARTLING! LARRY BOOKER'S Latest Message!!!(wait til you see this!!!)
  132. MAJOR TULSA REVELVATION!!! Wait til you Hear this!!!!!!!
  133. THE LATEST! on Brother Randy WHITE, Brother Rick Hawkins & Brother Paulk LOL!!!
  134. NEW ULTRA CON SONG!!! Have you heard it yet??????????????????
  135. More Trouble For "ArchBishop" Paulk!!!
  136. ORU ALERT@@ New Survey shows 80% want Richard ROBERTS OUT!!!
  137. DIVINE DOLLOR- watch this Clip about Mega Pastor's lifetyle!
  138. THE LATEST! On TULSA and the New ORGANIZATION!!!!
  139. Nathan Morton Announces he's Leaving UPC
  140. BISHOP WEEKS News Conferrence- What a HOT MESS!!!
  141. Not leaving UPC
  142. UPC BOMBSHELL!!! Will '93 Affirmation be overturned??????
  144. VIDEO About The New Southern California District!
  145. UPROAR!! The LATEST on the A.A Split! you thought UPc's was Bad!!!
  146. **Mangun's spotted at LSU game Last Night**
  147. GOODNESS!!! Huckabee Standing with TBN Prosperity Preacher!!!
  148. Where is Merced?
  149. Thaddy Help!!!!
  150. A NEW LIST - Who's staying Who's Leaving UPC
  151. TED HAGGARD"S Uncle MERLE HAGGARD Speaks out! Exclusive Interview!!!
  152. OREGON!!! Is there a Shaking Going on????????
  153. Whose Leaving the Organization?
  154. Bishop Weeks speaks out
  155. Who's going to the "other" minister's meeting in January??
  156. BISHOP CARLTON PEARSON - The Latest Interview- The Apostacy is Growing
  157. UNBELIEVABLE! Rev. Bobby Jones Starring in GAY movie!
  158. Internet Show by Myles Young/N. Wilson
  159. ((WOW)) JOEL OSTEEN Says he is Shunning the Lavish Lifetyle!!!
  160. Is it ODD or is it just me?
  161. HELP!!! Hillary keynote Speaker at RICK WARREN"S church!
  162. ((((SHOCK & AWE))))) TFT going on the JIM BAKER SHOW???!!!
  163. *T.L Craft: A further look into His Departure*
  164. Mass E-mail Sent by G.R. Travis
  165. * D. Bernard speaks out against forum *
  166. SHOCKING UPDATE!!! holding Revivals in Catholic Churches?????
  167. Has Sir Thadeous Seen This?
  168. ((((UPC FLASH)))))) Announcing the Next Possible General SUPT. Of the UPC!!!
  169. Kurt Carr-Singing at Eastwood Pentecostal in Lake Charles
  170. HOHOHO! A Christmas Letter From Sis PAULA!!
  171. *EXPLOSIVE*PAUL CROUCH Gets Read the Riot Act and Rebuked!!!
  172. Nathan ?????
  173. PRESS RELEASE!!! Original Lanny Wolfe Trio in Reunion Concert!!!
  174. You Are Invited this Sunday.....
  175. OWWWW!!!! Another UPC church going on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. WHAAAT!!! TBN Preacher Claims he saw The Holy Spirit in BODILY FORM!!!!
  177. ((((((((((((TULSA BOMBSHELL))))))))) "49 Elders" Explained!! See this LIST
  178. RUMOR!!!! Another LW Get together in the Making????
  179. BRO HAYMON!!! Colorado Security Guard' Connection/Apostolic Background!!!
  180. EXPLOSION Pastor teaches a Marriage Class!
  181. DRAMA!! CASTON SMITH Preaches Against AFF & CAF ...Guess Where????????
  182. TBN PROPHETS- Larry King Near death Experience,coming Flu Pandemic & more!
  183. Nate Wilson's New Music Conference
  184. QUESTION: Is Pastor JAMES CARNEY Leaving the UPC?????
  185. SHOCKER!!! Off the Press News about the Affirmation Statement!!!
  186. REVEREND JOHN SUBER - Leaving Ken Phillip's PROMISELAND??????
  187. *BREAKING*Tulsa gathering beginning to unravel!
  188. This photo needs a caption
  189. {{{{{{{BREAKING NEWS!!!}}}}}} Tulsa Folks may be forced out!!! NO DUAL MEMBERSHIP!!!!
  190. Was the WWPF Website Hacked??? Yes or No???
  191. HUH?!? Atlanta Bishop going on Natl radio show today-supporting Prosperity Doctrine!
  192. Your
  193. "First Sunday" movie
  194. Rico Can Never Attend Promiseland Church
  195. Announcement about TT
  196. "KEEP NEW THREADS COMING" petition
  197. ((( AA DRAMA ALERT!))) More Major APOSTOLIC ASSEMBLY Fallout!!!
  198. "Have Thad use Spellchecker" Petition
  199. Merry Christmas from BROTHER Thad
  200. Evangelist Johnathan Suber To Preach In A Upci Church Sunday.
  201. ***BREAKING NEWS - Suber Headed for LA***
  202. Music Director Arrested!!!!!!!!!
  203. ROD PARSLEY NEWS! Preaching against the Federal Government!!!!
  204. LATEST JOEL OSTEEN CONTROVERSY!!! Mormons are saved too!!!!!
  205. SIS STEPHANIE SUBER'S MESSAGE!!!! concerning leaving Austin!!!!!!!!!
  206. Suber's Church in Shreveport
  207. It's a Generational Cultural Conflict
  208. Weedpatch, CA
  209. Has Nate Wilson Cancelled his No Limits Conference?
  210. Another Suber Thread...
  211. Who's on your Top Ten List of "Know-it-Alls" on AFF?
  212. MEGA AFF BOMBSHELL!!!!!!!!!!! have you heard about DAN A. ?????
  213. Where does Thad Get His Info ?
  214. Warning: Aff Crackdown Has Begun !!!!!!!!!!
  215. Bro Suber's controversial sermon
  216. Pentecostal Soundmen
  217. ++++++Breaking News!+++++++++++++++
  218. Jonathan Suber's Official Announcement
  219. **Thad's Final Farewell To AFF Forum**
  220. No No No No No No No ThaDDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  221. First Dan, now Thad, who's next?
  222. Goodbye all!
  223. *Dan Alicia starts his own forum *
  224. Paula White holding revival for Noel Jones tonight 1/4/2008
  225. Where's The Excitement?
  226. +++Very, Very Odd...Have you noticed this?+++
  227. ***REQUEST for StMark*****
  228. Former NJ Govenor McGreevey speaking @ XUPC pastor's church @ Stonewall!
  229. Which Thad is the Real Thad
  230. Voting for Southern California District Positions Happens January 26, 2008!
  231. Reckhart Blast the UPC again
  232. UPC Lynda Doty's Controversial Book
  233. Fred Phelps to protest the funeral of actor Heath Ledger
  234. Question About Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady
  235. Has The Tab Been Upstaged by Tulsa??
  236. A Shocking UPC Revelation
  237. Interesting! UPC Standup Comedy!
  238. What will the WD look like 1 year from now?
  239. A Letter from Jaunita Bynum Ministries
  240. (((((watch The Lanny Wolfe Concert Here!)))))
  241. TBN Exposed??? check this lawsuit out
  242. CeCe Winans under fire for singing at Gay church
  243. Micky Mangun Criticized 4 singing of Natl. Anthem
  244. Lee Stoneking on TV
  245. Loiusiana Governor special guest speaker at UPC
  246. Bishop Weeks New Book "What Love Taught Me"
  247. Where is St. Mark? No Limits Conference?
  248. Bishop Weeks Pleads Guilty to Assault Charges
  249. Article on Missionary.
  250. Pastor Resigns?