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  1. *d-day: September 28th, 2007 - Conservatives Will Take The Hill*
  2. FALLOUT continues!!!!! 30 Churches pulling out in GEORGIA???
  3. The UPCI Needs a Healer
  4. Recommendations For Tulsa Org.'s First GC Speaker
  5. EXCLUSIVE!~ Thoughts on Res.4 from Ohio District Supt. Mark Jordon!
  6. Leon Frost going Tulsa Time
  7. Countdown to Tulsa Time!
  8. TULSA WEBSITE UPDATE:Benefits of Joining,address,names added and subtracted,etc
  9. Resolution 4 was just a springboard
  10. A letter from Bro. Haney
  11. UPC District Supt recruiting for Tulsa
  12. * Critical News UPDATE on Tulsa*
  13. How Can the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship Already Have a 501c Tax Exemption?
  14. Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship - Articles of Faith
  15. Email Concerning Tulsa From Mo. District Superintendent
  16. Tulsa Question
  17. Finally a good UPC letter: By Bro Pitman
  18. A Really Good UPCI Letter...from MO DS
  19. Will "Magic Hair" Find a New Home in the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship?
  20. WPF - Answers their critics
  21. My Name Was Used by WPF
  22. ** 2 more WPF conferences already planned!**
  24. New Bernard Letter/Topic: WPF & the Tulsa conference
  25. Letter from Ken Gurley
  26. Get Over Tampa, Get Over Tulsa
  27. Massive shakeup going on!
  28. Should we follow status quo?
  29. Tulsa Report Day One
  30. Tulsa Report Day 2
  31. 1500 at the Tulsa meeting...question
  32. Information about the WWPF Mailing List
  33. ***450 Praying at the Rock Church Praying for NW Last Night***
  34. Answer to charges that Names were used without consent
  35. Body-Politic and the Way of Lawlessness
  36. WWPF Dues
  37. WWPF Official Song?
  38. Convictions or Politics? A Specific Example.
  39. Johnny Godair's Message at WAF 2008
  40. Tulsa Who Was There????
  41. WPF meeting
  42. Pastor forced to leave by cops @Tulsa Meeting
  43. Kenneth Copeland investigated
  44. WWPF to allow women preachers
  45. Superintendents...Presbyters......and ....WPF???
  46. "Holiness" From the WPF Articles of Faith...
  47. We Must Rethink A Few Things
  48. Tulsa Tango
  49. Tulsa 6
  50. I found the answer!!
  51. Wayne McClain disaffiliates his church
  52. PPH to discontinue sales of WPF authors
  53. How Far Should The UPC Go to Appease Them?
  54. My Journey to Tulsa- By SS
  55. What is Wrong With This Picture?
  56. Concerning Tulsa, could sombody please answer this
  57. Can any WPF'rs explain:
  58. REVISITED Concerning Tulsa, could sombody please a
  59. Opinion on WPF formation
  60. Control Freaks Running The WPF??
  61. Can You Guys Imagine World War II's Result If ...
  62. Can someone answer this about dues to WWPF
  63. Dissatisfied Member of a future WWPF Church
  64. WPF in talks with Philippines UPC
  65. QUESTION: DId only 72 or 225 join WPF???????
  66. 1> Did the Tulsa 6 have a right to start WPF ?
  67. UPC California Ladies Conference Setting Records!
  68. Dan'D, How Do You Know the WWPF Was In the Works?
  69. THE MAGNIFICENT 6 - have you seen the new pic???
  70. Official Tulsa Report, Pictures, and Comments
  71. AMF/Tulsa: the result of "tradition of men"
  72. What happened to the P.I. thread?
  73. HELP...What's a Church To Do?
  74. Old way of Holiness Standard do we need to keep?
  75. Let's Talk About Organizational Consistency, hmm?
  76. The Ever-Increasing Power of the District Board
  77. The loss of a General Board Member
  78. From The General Board!
  79. Western District Conference Controversy
  80. No Limits Conference Speakers?
  81. Laodiceans, Has the church become Laodiceans?
  82. District Puts WPF on Notice
  83. WPF, Time to Start Preaching Against the Internet
  84. No Limits Conf.
  85. Branson Meeting
  86. WPF's Youth Congress?
  87. Why not join the AMF?
  88. Is This Song New Or Am I Just Late Getting It?
  89. You Picked A Fine Time To Leave The UPC
  90. When a UPC pastor leans towards the WPF...
  91. Anything new happening?
  92. WWPF Update
  93. What Is The Rest of the Story?
  94. WWPF General Council Question
  95. !!??!! Major schisms in the NCO !!??!!
  96. God is UNKNOWABLE?????????????????????????????????
  97. Have You Been to WWPF Lately?
  98. Tulsa Tango????
  99. How to find WWPF churches?
  100. What does it mean to be Grave?
  101. Apostolic Assembly News-surprising footage
  102. Need to find a church in Bakersfield!!
  103. PEAK first WPF Youth Conference
  104. Whiners and WPF
  105. Upcoming WPF Conferences???
  106. East Coast Conference
  107. Prosthelizing from new org
  108. Is anyone now on TV?
  109. upci web site ?
  110. who invented the Christan Bikini ?
  111. If you leave a church, your out of Gods will ?
  112. No alters in new churches, but larger stages!
  113. Who's in charge at WPF headquarters?
  114. Message to Terry G.
  115. Anybody following No Limits?
  116. What you think about the WPF?
  117. PEAK attendence (July 22-24)
  118. Peak 2009
  119. Dr.'s and Pagan Holidays and D and R.
  120. Did I understand correctly?
  121. WPF church back on the offensive?
  122. Talmadge French Heads Home to the UPC
  123. No limits 2010
  124. FYI ~ Conference in SE Missouri
  125. Listen live to WPF summit
  126. Holy Ghost radio
  127. WPF back to UPCI
  128. Peak 2010
  129. Hey!
  130. Org Switching or Dual Members?
  131. Great Fellowship meeting
  132. Revival
  133. Peak 2011
  134. Authority of Pastors
  135. Peak 2012
  136. WPF Membership
  137. Tithes
  138. WPF-what now
  139. CAC Denver Has Joined UPCI
  140. WWPF & WWE (Benincasa)
  141. His Truth Is Marching On!! Check It Out!
  142. What happened to Praxeas?