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  1. MY EDUCATION OF TASTE - By Pastor James L. Groce
  2. When New Kings Arise
  3. Forsaking Moab
  4. That same storm
  5. People of the Name
  6. Are we really Jesus ONLY?
  7. Vanity and Humility... True Modesty in the Church
  8. Looking for...
  9. Daily walking with christ
  10. The importance of Praying for Your Pastor
  11. Church Planting
  12. The Importance of Prayer
  13. Considering the glory of god in creation.
  14. E-Vangelism - Online Evangelism- Is It Possible?
  15. Historical References Regarding 1st Cent. Baptism
  16. Down load thread
  17. looking for
  18. Youtube Vid on Prayer
  19. One Man Show
  20. The Earth As An Example of The New Birth
  21. Mondanism
  22. The Son of Man
  23. Bible Reading Schedule
  24. The Authority Of God's Ministers
  25. Public school and the Christian parent pdf
  26. No, Libertarians Are Not Corporate Shills