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  1. Free webcast - Issachar Institute, Pastor Suber - starts tonight
  2. Job's Primal Scream
  3. Libs Vs. Conservatives ... COME OUT AND PLAY!!
  4. Suber on the Revolution
  5. Klingon Tales ....
  6. AFF Friday Night Smackdown - PCI vs PAJC,Standards & more ...
  7. The Current PAJC Beliefs
  8. Hey Klingon ....
  9. John 3: The Difference between PCI and PAJC on New Birth
  10. Hey J-Roc!!!!
  11. Hey Epley
  12. Hey Swordsman ...
  13. Is Acts 2:38 your god?
  14. Calling all PAJCers: When does Justification and Remission Happen?
  16. 3 in 1 - I'M MORE ONENESS THAN YOU ARE ...
  17. Who is who? AFF's Alter Egos Exposed
  18. Hey Johnny ...
  19. REVIVAL, the 180 proof liquor, and REACHING THE LOST
  20. Hey Seguidor ...
  21. General Board mulls over TV advertising disclaimer!!!
  22. The Office of Bishop: A six letter dirty word?
  23. His or Not His?: God is pouring out His Spirit
  24. In All Seriousness ... Thus Saith Dan
  25. Have you seen one???: Angels among us
  26. Dear Dan: I ran into a conservative today ...
  27. Dad Get's His Praise On!!!
  28. Suber: Acts29tv Network Sets Launch Date of March 22
  29. Why are SOME UPCers so set on defending it at any cost?
  30. Sorry ...
  31. Are you smarter than a fifth grader???? - The show
  32. Edward's Wife Has Cancer - Should He Still Run?
  33. Color Coded Sins: What is An Abomination???
  34. Prayers of Vengence: May his children be fatherless
  35. What was Paul's Thorn? What's yours?
  36. Holiness for Children: Kingdom Kids Series
  37. Free Broadband THRU your TOILET??
  38. Dr. S and CLC
  39. The Ministry of Caiphas
  41. Christian Al-Quaida????
  42. Quoted from Wikipedia .... today
  43. The Theology of Pain and Suffering?
  44. So you signed the AS ....
  45. Restoration, Revival and Revolution
  46. Behold the Ronzorelli: Road trip to Austin
  47. The Trinitarian Appreciation Thread - We Thank You.
  48. Bruce Howell for GS
  49. UPCI Growth Stats: The Ministry to Church Ratio
  50. Spiritual Abuse: Fact or Fiction
  51. Perfect Example of a True Christian Road Rage Thread ...
  52. Danah scored a goal .........
  53. Rebekah Got a Nose Ring?
  54. Can THIS GUY minister on your platform ....
  55. The Oneness Anti "Christ" doctrine ....
  56. How to Stop Apostolic Teen Loitering
  57. General Board Ruling: TV Resolution Victory Song
  59. Is Apostolic CUSSIN' sinful?
  60. Canonball! Trinitarian baptisms are way more fun!
  61. Celebrate Recovery: Went to my first meeting
  62. Brother DeYoung from Kent College: Does anyone know where he is?
  63. Divorce and Stress in Children
  64. National Youth Congress - You going??
  65. Are Men in Pentecost threatened by INTELLIGENT WOMEN?
  66. My Dad, My Hero, My Friend: Video Tribute
  67. Ex-Oiler Mike Barber visits Grace Church today - AWESOME.
  68. Avatar Inequality - I'm Jealous
  69. Spanish Evangelism Conference W/ KH - Webcast Live, Now thru Friday
  70. God Bless our Soldiers - Thank You for Securing Our Freedom!!!
  71. K. Olbermann's July 4th diatribe: Resign Bush!!!
  72. Finally ... Someone's getting it!!! Project 22:39
  73. Bievendido/Welcome Polaris
  74. Elder ... Are you watching the All-Star game tonight?
  75. Does your Mommy know you are on AFF?
  76. Simple Faith ... for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
  77. ABC 20/20 tonight: Do You Believe in Hell??
  78. A Day of Worship: Vicki, Hillsong United, Dan and Jesus.
  79. The Hair Police: Coming to a Mosque or Church near you.
  80. Standards Police Alert: Walmart to sell Faith-based toys
  81. IF RESOLUTION 4 FAILS: Will some join the PAW, NCO or create their own org?
  82. Not Paying Tithes Leads to Divorce????
  83. Welcome to my baby sis ... Darcie.
  84. Now You'll Always Lose at Checkers
  85. The Jesus/Disciple Baptisms of the Gospels: Why?
  86. The City of God: Ave Maria!!!
  87. Tommy Tenney on Invoking the Name of Jesus: Magic Equation or Presence?
  88. Preachers as Storytellers: Who Doesn't Like a Good Story?
  89. Faith Based Weight Loss Program Celebrates Victories
  90. UPCI's Randy Hollis Throws Down the Gauntlet: The Emancipation of Isaac
  91. **** Are the NCO and AWCF "raiding" the UPCI or providing a "safety net"? ****
  92. CHOOSE ONE: Christian, Apostolic, Pentecostal or Other
  93. The Apostolic Compassion: Got my premiere issue
  94. Mama's Home Cooking: Pass the Tostones [Wilmington,NC]
  95. My Perfect "Frankenstein" Pastor ...
  96. ***Another NAYC bombshell: Apostolic Steppin' for Jesus
  97. ***BOMBSHELL*** Stepping Out of the Box: CLC mocks traditionalism at NAYC?
  98. The AntiChrist and Rapture Fraud?
  99. *** At the Cross*** To the Lamb be all praise, honor ...
  100. Yo Danzo Como David - I Will Dance Like David Danced
  101. I Would Pay To Meet ....
  102. Admin ... please look at Believer's PM box settings
  103. Is Obedience Better than Sacrifice? Are they the same?
  104. Boom ... Is There .... ???
  105. ***UPCI's Anthony Langston's New Book: Holier Than God ***
  106. Anyone play FANTASY FOOTBALL?
  107. Why Do We Suffer? & Does God Really Punish Us?
  108. *** Why I'm Leaving Here***
  109. Church of Champions launches its first Spanish service
  110. ****Suber and NCO: The Frustration of Anticipation*****
  111. *** Why does Pentecost Seem to Attract Some of the Coolest People ***
  112. ***Newsflash: Conservatives Have Their New GS Elect In Waiting ****
  113. ****Happy Birthday [9/19] to my good friend, Pastor Poster!!! ***
  114. Happy Birthday Csheeads!!!
  115. ***Death, God's Timing and Unity: You don't want to miss this one***.
  116. *** Newsflash: D Bernard Speaks Out on TV Debate and Upcoming GC***
  117. ***Bombshell: ALJC vs. NCO Battle Royale: The NCO/AWCF strike back ***
  118. Resolution 4: The Trojan Horse?
  119. Dividing over Oneness
  120. BREAKING THE 10,000 BARRIER - Where will you be when it happens?
  122. *** Business Meeting Updates: From the Floor ...
  123. *** [Blockbuster] NCO and Griffin Weigh In on TV Debate: Devolution***
  124. *** TV Resolution Passes: The Fallout
  126. *** Newsflash: MANGUN CRIED!!!
  127. Newsflash: Haney puts Woford in Check?
  128. Mooney at GC: UPCI top-rated in Financial Efficiency
  129. What Happened to RE McAllister's Church: Is it still Oneness???
  130. The Difference between PCI, PAJC and the New Heritage False Claiming Posers
  131. UPCI was so strict it was almost Amish: Kings of Leon
  132. On this day, Sunday, October 4th, 1981 ...
  133. Ministerial Ethics, Dropping Out and TV: Did You Forget You Agreed to This?
  134. ****Newsflash: Cons to meet in Tulsa, Jan 2008: L. Booker Organizing???***
  135. VOTD: Who is like the Lord?
  136. Don't You Know You've ...
  137. Longest Married Hubby in the World Laid to Rest: A Great UPC story
  138. Daily routines: What is the value of ...
  139. I am Thine Oh Lord: Draw Me Nearer
  140. *** OPs vs. TPs: To Kiss or Not to Kiss? [NCO Exclusive]***
  141. Lost: 10 Ways to Get Lost
  142. Out of the cave, into His Marvelous Light: Making a decision to transition
  143. *** [Exclusive] Resolution 3: The Bloodbath and Inquisition begins ****
  144. The Resolution 4 Total Solution: Affordable TV Ads for your Church!!!
  145. The Health Benefits of Wine : Paul was right all along???
  146. JG's Love Covers: Wise Words as We Mud Sling
  147. God Hates America: Anti-gay church sued for protesting funerals
  148. Happy All Saints Day, AFF!!!!
  149. Chicago Pastor to Preach at Llamados Para Impactar 2007 this weekend
  150. Leaving The Fold - anyone hear of this?
  151. Kilgore @ Life: This is my last sermon ever???
  152. Heavy Diet of Charismatic Preaching This Week: Bismark and Meyers
  153. Standards Can't Stop this Golden Couple from Competing in Senior Olympics
  154. Pastor Wendell Elms, TX, defends standards on local news channel
  155. Daughter Work of Tabernaculo De Jesucristo - Dad's Legacy Lives On
  156. 1st Annual Anti-Christmas Conference - Featuring our own Rico and EB
  157. Has your church ever been burglarized?
  158. Thank you Raven for building an ARK!!!
  159. We love you Alicea ....!!!!
  160. Urshan and Sabin Face the Music or Defend the Truth??: Video
  161. Are the Godairs leaving?
  162. Hecklers in the Church: Has it happened in your church?
  163. **** More TV Fallout - Another Ethics Question: Um, I thought ... ***
  164. New Bishop installed in Jamaica: Oneness Pentecostalism in Jamaica
  165. Can we really say AWCF Bishop Sam Smith is Soft on Doctrine?
  166. William Price and DA: The Encounter *** Pics***
  167. Oneness Apostolic Church Takes Stand on School's Cross Dressing Event
  168. So How Do You Like Your Preaching: OverEasy or Rough n Tumble?
  169. How long before the Redlight District [TT] closes again???
  170. *** Poll: Does all scripture point to Acts 2:38? ****
  171. Please Pray for Bill Price and His Mom ...
  173. Jesus was Charismatic?
  174. Will PPH continue to sell materials authored by the Tulsa group?
  175. Pastor says PEEEEEEEEEEW!!!! Get that stink out of the church!!!
  176. Pastor D Preaches, Partakes, and Pays: Another AFF Encounter!!!
  177. Where are all the Acts 2:38 folks (1-steppers)??: Members only
  178. UPC church distributes prayer altars: Good idea or future garage sale piece?
  179. *** WOW!!: Alan Keyes, Politico, Preaches in Iowa UPCI church???? ***
  180. 12,711
  181. Fidel Steps Down from Power .... Thank you Jesus!!
  182. Ode to Pelathais, the Mighty Warrior
  183. How wide is the effect of forums in Pentecost?
  184. Acts 10: The Smoking Gun?
  185. Answered Prayers: Mom Comes in Today
  186. Disfellowshipping because of Sin: When, if ever?
  187. No Double Dipping? General Board votes against ..
  188. WPF Legal Disclaimer: Got a kick from this...
  189. Cass Chases for A Cause ... Let's help.
  190. Too Religious to Keep Her Daughter: Are you next?
  191. Don't forget to Spring Forward ... DST
  192. Bill Price Hits a Homerun in the Holy Ghost- WOW!
  193. In Jackson, TN for Spring Break
  194. Are you qualified TO BE A PROFESSIONAL??
  195. Revisting a Great Resurrection Thread by RRFord
  196. The Ten Commandments Are Not for Gentiles?
  197. WPF Youth Congress Gone Rocker ???
  198. LOL - Hillary vows to campaign 4 next 100 years
  199. Hey Mort, Nate, Johnny, Kenny, Larry & Coon ...
  200. Another closed thread ... Hey!!!
  201. Married 75 years ... Die within hours
  202. Victims of Church Staff Abuse: Evil Senior Pastor?
  203. Brief History of John Ragsdale ?
  204. Can an Apostolic become Amish?
  205. ***Any brave takers to this challenge ...??***
  206. How SEPARATE was JESUS?
  207. Dark Secret Revealed: Confession Time
  208. The AFF Sidelines: Will they ...??
  209. Did Paul intend for his writings to be Holy Writ?
  210. Salvation for the deaf and mute?: Say it ain't so.
  211. Barack Emailed Me Last Nite: Looking Forward
  212. Pentecostalism Inspired Early Rock n Roll?
  213. The Cult of the Personality: When did OT Saints ..
  214. I'm Confused Dr. V - Wasn't Branham a ...
  215. Restaurant Church caters to gays: Ex-UPCI pastor
  216. Dr. V - You sure look like a Pentecostal!!!!
  217. The Chase for 15K: Then Double Platinum
  218. Should Dan stay or go?
  219. Could You Spot Jezebel in Your Church?
  220. AFF AllStar Staff Draft: If you had a mega-church?
  221. I am not El Predicador
  222. WWOD vs Dan: Who would take the crown?
  223. Did Jesus "need" Judas? Did Judas "betray" Jesus?
  224. I met Mercy ... last night
  225. The Launch of the GCM Network ....
  226. Is THIS a Sin?? ... Can it Ever Be?
  227. 10 Ways High Gas Prices Affect your Church
  228. #1 Bestseller The Shack- Speaks of Oneness?
  229. Your Preaching Pattern ...???
  230. Met DG, DS, CH & Anapko ... Hair cutting party !!!
  231. Will I.B. retract if 2 billion don't die soon???
  232. You go, Brother Suber!!!!
  233. Isn't this organized sports????
  234. Texas High Court: Church not liable for exorcism
  235. Supermodel suicide: Longed for Love
  236. Resolution 3 Massacre Begins in South Texas Dist.
  237. Public Service Announcement: To Ministers on AFF
  238. Apostolic Litumus Test: Do you affirm - Yes or no?
  239. Thief on the Cross: A New Covenant Believer?
  240. Bloggers & Readers Wanted: HolyMagicHair.com
  241. UPC Woman Pastor: MS Matriarch for 30 years
  242. Nate Wilson: Strongholds and a Ministers Meeting
  243. When Will A Respected and Influential Leader Speak
  244. God, Is My Obededience Not Enough?: When HH Fails
  245. PPH destroys books authored by WWPF?- Rieder next?
  246. The Dress Code Wars
  247. The Experimental AFF Nicotene Patch
  248. A. Willis and R. Dees TBN show to air this Friday
  249. Angels Watching Over Me: RR's Children's Book ...
  250. D. Bernard shares his thoughts about HolyMagicHair