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  1. Bro Mahaney passed away
  2. Pastor Rivers's Sister Passed.
  3. Rev. Aldon H. Phillips Sr. Passed 4/20/07
  4. My uncle has passed away.
  5. Sister Jean Urshan Has Passed Away
  6. Rudy Becton Passed Away
  7. my brother in law passed away today
  8. Bishop Frank Jones Passed Away This Morning
  9. Elder Geritsen Has Passed
  10. JTullock's Mother passed away
  11. Brother Price's father just passed
  12. Elder Joseph Meade passed.
  13. One Accord's Wife Passed Away 2/6 at 1:07 a.m.
  14. Prayer Needed for RevDWW-His Father passed away..
  15. John Danielson has passed away
  16. Freeatlasts F-I-L passed away last night.
  17. My aunt passed...
  18. Bro. Roy Gatlin Sr. Passed away this morning
  19. UPC Missionary Bill Thompson Passed today
  20. Pastor's Wife in Tampa, FL passed away
  21. Brother G. E. Switzer Passed Away
  22. Bishop John E. Williams Passed Away
  23. Bro Epleys Dad Passed Away
  24. My grandma passed away this afternoon.....
  25. Bro. Billy Cole has passed away
  26. GR Travis Passed Away
  27. Brother Carlton Watkins Has Passed Away
  28. My Dad Passed on to His Reward Today
  29. Rev. Vernon L. Neely passed away
  30. Sis. Sheryl Epley's Father Passed Away
  31. JT Pugh Passed Away Tues - Sis. Pugh Passed Wed
  32. Sis. Pat Foster Passed Away
  33. Marie Ewing Passed Away
  34. My father passed away in his sleep last night.
  35. Bishop Gilbert Price has Passed Away
  36. Walter Hawkins Has Passed
  37. Hugh Rose Passed Away
  38. Gospel Great Albertina Walker Has Passed Away
  39. Updated: Rev. C.M. Becton has passed away.
  40. WNOP Revs Lawrence King, Royce Elms Passed away
  41. Marvin Treece Memorial Service
  42. My Former Pastor Passed Away
  43. Pastor Vernon McGarvey
  44. Passing of Reverend J.L. Hall
  45. Pastor Victor Hodge Passed Away
  46. Bishop Kenneth Haney - Passed Thu; Nov 10
  47. Bro. Kenneth Haney UPCI General Superintendent
  48. R. W. Shambach
  49. Rev. Robert Trapani, just went home to be with the
  50. Sis. Content Ballestero
  51. Passing of Carol Shearer (Huss), Dayton, Ohio
  52. A Friend and Coworker
  53. Bro. Wayne Chester's Death
  54. I Can't Complain will live on...
  55. O.R. Fauss has went home to be with the Lord
  56. Death of Bishop OR Fauss
  57. RIP Joe Wayne Chancellor. AFF Digging4Truth
  58. Pastor John Cupit Has Finished His Course
  59. TBN's Paul Crouch passed away
  60. James Kilgore Giant man of God gone home
  61. Rev Cecil Daniels Passed Away
  62. Trenton Bass
  63. Marie Barbee Cole gone on for her Reward
  64. Pastor Holmes' wife North Little Rock passed away
  65. Andrae Crouch Has Died
  66. Lari Goss Passed Away
  67. Rev, Lance Appleton Passed Away
  68. Carroll McGruder Passed away
  69. Marilyn Gazowski
  70. Pastor Daryl Rash 11/20/2015
  71. Jewel Yadon Dillon
  72. Bishop Boyd Lawson has died
  73. Marvin Gorman passes away
  74. Wayne McClaIn passed away
  75. Rev Keith Clark
  76. Sis Mickey Godair has passed
  77. Rendal Rutledge Passed
  78. Rev Carlton Clark Has Passed Away
  79. Holly McGruder passed away
  80. Edwin Hawkins
  81. Dave Peterson
  82. Dr. Fred J. Foster
  83. Lost this week Sis Was has passed away
  84. Sis. Melody Alden