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06-07-2007, 02:04 PM
When I recieved Notification
Of The Charges Levied
To Be Collected
At The Door
For Entrance
To Each Of The Services
At The Upcoming TAMPA Florida {upci} Extravangza -

I was reminded of an article that I printed in the '80s -



" Charging


For The

Gospel "


" Charging $$$$$ For The Gospel "



$ $ $ $ $ $ $
For It ?
$ $ $ $ $ $ $


* 'And at that time were some appointed over
"for the treasures, for the offerings, for the first
fruits, and for the tithes" ' {Neh 12:44}

--> 'What About Your Tithe And The Offerings'?

* When I read the New Testament's account
of the early Apostolic Church with her Precepts,
Priorities and Principles.
I marvel at the lack of basic similarities with
today's organized Church.
What used to be a great force in evangelism,
which Permeated All Of Society with the Gospel,
has now become only a shell of what once existed.

* The whole plan of economy for the Body of Christ
has been substitued by business enterprises that
depend upon the secular world for financial substance.
Evangelism has been Supplanted by
'Entertainment That Borders On Idolatry'.

* On any given Saturday, one cannot avoid the massive
business adventures of many churches.
Yard sales, bake sales, car washes, bazaars, candy sales,
and the like compete for support from the secular society
ai large.

* There is also the appeal to our physical appetites with
church dinners, barbecues, and poor man suppers
with their advertisements larger than their Church Signs.

* You will also find a constant barrage of church youth
groups, who are always selling something so they'll have
money for their own activities or programs.

* My first thought in encountering these sincere, but misled,
enterprising Christian folk is:
What ever happened to The Tithe and Offerings?

* The Bible teaches that Tithes and Offerings are God's Plan
of economy for the church.
It Is Not The Churches' Responsibility to Teach young people to
be enterprising businessmen and women.
It Is Our Responsibilty To Teach Them To Love GOD, Trust Him,
and Be Obedient To His Word.

* What a poor witness and image Churches have who continually
Beg the world for the resources to support their ministries.
If GOD Is In It, He'll Finance It.
Whether it be weekly operating expenses, special mission projects,
building, or van programs.
GOD's people need to Trust Him
and be faithful in their Christian Stewardship.

* If the same amount of time involved in soliciting finances through
the selling of labor and of food were spent in evangelism,
Would Churches have financial problems?
Even the new Christian converts would meet the financial needs of
the ministry through their giving alone.

* It has now become socially acceptable and financially profitable
to charge admission for Church Services, Pageants, Seminars,
Retreats, and Conferences.
Christian Entertainment has now become $ Big Bucks $,
and it has moved from the Coliseum into the Church.

* Many churches are now charging admission to see these Gospel
Orators and so-called Christian Stars of Gospel music.
The applause and whistles are deafening at the end of each
performance seemingly forgeting that the Praise is for God,
not the entertaining performers.

* I'm not against Christian music in any form,
but we must differentiate 'Evangelistic Ministry' from 'Christian
Evangelistic Ministry Demands No Admission Fees
{often called a donation at the door}.

* Non-Christian People should Freely have the opportunity to
benefit from the ministry, hear the Gospel presented,
and choose to support this ministry through a freewill offering.

* What ever happened to
'Win The Lost at Any Cost'?

* When Christian Performers or Preachers demand a pre-negotiated
fee for their ministry and services,
They Are Not Living By Faith In GOD To Supply Their Needs.
Old Fashioned Church Altars
are being replaced by gigantic merchandise displays and sale tables.

* In addition to ticket sales and pay at the door, their finances are
also supplemented by tape sales, T-shirts, posters, C-Ds, books,
newsletters, and other merchandise.

* We May
Have Changed
Rock Stars
The Greatest Stars
Of Gospel Music

Do We Really Know
Just What We Are Actually Doing ?

Always Remember

To Praise
And Worship

* In all fairness
There are many Christian Singers, Artists, and Evangelists
who minister for whatever love offering that is received.
there are many Churches who Refuse To charge Admission
and Refuse To Permit Sale Tables In The Sanctuary.

* I know GOD Has and Will Continue To Bless Their
and Our Efforts in Differentiating Between
Efficacious Evangelism.

* JESUS said,
"Render unto GOD."

Jacob said,
"All that thou give me,
I will surely give the tenth".

Tithing and Offerings
Are Necessary,

Tithing and Offerings
Are Reliable,


Can Tithe
Give Offerings!

* Tithing and Offerings
are not a substitute for other christian obligations,
but they are a very important
and essential part of our daily Christian obligations.

* "On the first day of the week let everyone of you..................
As God has prospered". {I Cor 16:2}

sermon reprint #121
Bishop J Holland


"If there come Any unto You, and Bring Not This Doctrine,
Receive him Not Into Your House, Neither bid him God speed:
For He That Biddeth him God speed IS A PARTAKER OF HIS EVIL DEEDS."
{II JOHN 1:10/11}