View Full Version : All My Football Teams Won This Weekend!

09-10-2007, 03:10 PM
This, the first weekend of the 2007 NFL season was a great one for me. Not only did my beloved Tennessee Titans go into Jacksonville as underdogs and beat the Jags at home, they did it by rushing for more yards that any team has in Jaguars history!!!!

Titans running back Chris Brown ran for 175 of those yards and was the # 1 rusher in the NFL for this first week of action. The next closest guy was former Titans running back Travis Henry at 139 yards.

My Dallas Cowboys also looked great with much more entertainment value than the Titans with Tony Romo averaging an astounding 23 yards per pass to beat the Giants with a 45 to 35 score. Almost a basketball game score rather than a football one. It was a joy to watch his tight end and receivers haul in those great long passes and turn them into touchdowns. Romo is always grinning on the sidelines like he is having the time of his life.

In the College arena my good fortune continued as my Texas Longhorns held off a strong challenge by TCU in the first half to pull away in the second with a strong win.

Also my adopted team I am trying to develop an emotional link to, the Tennessee Vols won (although I did not watch the game).