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The Mrs
02-09-2007, 12:53 AM
Laura (Wife of a friend of Praxeas) She has had severe health problems lately with pancreatitis and then she got pneumonia. Now she contracted a bad case of Staph. Treatment isn't really helping and she is in severe pain.

Agape has a pastor friend whose wife is currently in the hospital, recently had a kidney removed and is doing chemo for cancer.

Amazing Grace's husband has an opportunity witnessing to a coworker. Please pray that this man will come back to the Lord. He is a backslider.

Apologist's brother Michael had lost his job, and has since found only part-time employment. Please continue to pray for full-time employment as he has 3 small children and a wife that he needs to provide for.

Brenda, age 65, in FL is scheduled to have both breasts and some lymph nodes removed on Wednesday, Nov. 15th. The surgery went well! She had a double mastectomy along with lymph nodes. The lymph nodes tested positive for cancer. The great news is the doctors were very pleased with the surgery as wells as how well Brenda has responded post-op. She needs continued prayer as she still faces treatment for the cancer and reconstrutive surgery next year.

Carpenter Please pray that Carpenter is blessed with opportunity. Most of us know his situation.

Esther's friends who are Home Missions pastors, need prayer for their work and their children.

Elder Murrell Ewing has cancer of the prostate and has undergone surgery. He seems to be doing okay, but he needs to lose weight before they can begin chemo.

Ferd needs complete healing for his back. He went back to work Jan. 2 and has been doing pretty good, but still in quite a bit of pain.

Ferd's mother Jeanette has chronic pain in her upper back. The doctors cannot seem to figure out where it is coming from.

Ferd's dad Frank has serious heart disease and has had 2 strokes.

ForeverBlessed has some personal issues that she needs God to work out. Remember also she is a single mom raising 3 girls. Also, could I please add my sister Linda, former member (Musicismyheart) from NFCF to the list. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday after being sick for the last several months. We still don't know many details yet, but she needs our prayers.

Sis. Rose Hall, (pastor's wife in Vidalia, LA) is in the hospital in Natchez, MS. She has pneumonia and recently had a kidney removed due to cancer. She is very weak and sick from the treatment. She also has spots on her lungs that need treatment but is too weak for treatment.

Scott Hutchinson has been going through a difficult time personally for the last few months, and I feel he needs to be held up to the Lord.

ILG's husband needs a job closer to home. He currently drives 2 hours one way to his place of employment.

Jillian's husband has Lupus and is an alcoholic. He is in desperate need of God. Let's pray for his salvation.

Lady Rev's husaband.

PhilJones' liver is enlarged and enzymes are high. He has been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic with vascular neuropathy causing severely elevated blood pressure (up to 120 diastolic), and with chronic atypical fibromyalgia. So far treatments have been marginally effective but he still needs prayer as his blood sugar, with medication, is averaging about 140.

PhilJones' wife Patti Needs the Holy Ghost. She also has emphysema and addictions that compound her illness.

Sis. Joan Mahoney (Wife of the Pastor in Moss Bluff, LA), is going to be having her second surgery to finish removing lymph nodes and surrounding tissue due to a pre-cancerous condition.

Margies3's husband Walt still needs a complete healing. His aorta is still dissected the entire length, but is not forming an aneurism, and there is no sign of a buldge, at this time. Margie's prayer is that his aorta will "hold" for many years to come.

Praxeas is on Dialysis. In addition to the the problems with his kidneys, he has Hepatitis C, heart problems, as well as problems with his hearing and teeth.

Brett Prince's wife has MS.

QueenEsther UPDATED!!! I have developed gestational diabetes and I would like to request prayer that the baby
will stay healthy and that the labor and delivery will go well.

RevDWW's father is in failing health and needs a spiritual touch.

Rgcraig Unspoken prayer request at this time.

Ronb has been diagnosed with high blood pressure (over 200). Please pray that God would heal him completely from this. He also needs a new car and direction concerning his employment at this time.

Ronb's wife had surgery on her legs Nov 24. Her sugery went okay, but she still has legs that get over-tired easly. The Doctor said there isn't much more that can be done. Please pray for a complete healing in her legs.

Ronb's pastor's wife who had been diagnosed with cancer, is now cancer-free, but will continue to be treated for several more years. This treatment is causing other complications in her body. Please hold her up in prayer.

Ronb's church is seeking a breakthrough in Revival and finances.

Ronzo's wife Dee may be diagnosed with Lupus. Test results coming Feb. 9th.

Steadfast's church has had great revival and we believe that because of that his entire family has come under attack. Lets pray for Steadfast, his family and his church's leadership team that they will have the strength to continue to be faithful thru this season of trial, and that they will come thru victorious.

Tamor's mother has had three chemo treatments to date to treat a mass found in her breast. She is having some of the achey-type symptoms, tiredness, and funky taste buds, but by and large she is doing great! The mass has shrunk to the size of a pea, but she may still be facing a mastectomy this summer. Please continue to pray for a complete healing.

Travis (A friend of Praxeas) He is in ICU with pneumonia. He also suffers from sever scoliosis that prevents him from being able to sleep (pain). Also he has many medical issues related to dwarfism including sever issues with his heart and lungs.

Sis. Jean UrshanUPDATE -Sister Urshan was moved to Triumph Hospital in Amarillo, TX. However, she arrived with extremely serious infections throughout her body, which have gone to her blood stream and are attempting to shut down her kidneys. The Urshan family appreciates and requests your continued prayers on her behalf in this critical situation.