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navygoat1998 06-11-2018 05:47 PM

My Favorite Ministry
Of all the ministry that I have ever been part of my favorite was Sunday School teacher. For years we taught 9th and 10th grade. Today all of our kids are no longer little kids and we are watching many of them starting to walk out the call of God upon their life.

One of my biggest joys was when those kids would come back from camp and we would give them a chance to share. Many would talk about the presence of God and how they would be convicted of secret sin and He would put things into them that only could be from God the deep things of Him. You can tell when somebody has truly been in the presence of the Lord. When they would share the room would just fill with His tangible.

My son received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at such a camp. He also saw a boy possessed with a spirit and the pastors and staff cast that demon out of that boy.

Scott Pitta 06-11-2018 06:15 PM

Re: My Favorite Ministry
I taught different classes for many years. Those years are behind me now. The last of my students graduated from high school this week.

Teaching and being a deacon were very rewarding experiences.

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