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ApostolicNativ 03-13-2018 07:00 PM

Praise the Lord! Greetings!
My name's Aaron,
I believe in Jesus name baptism in full immersion of water, and being filled with the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in other tongues. Just like the book of Acts says. We are in the new covenant.
I used to say bad things of this faith before i was converted. Mainly holiness standards cause i didn't understand it. And I thought the tongue talking was uncomfortable to be around and just plain crazy. Now I do it!! Lol, Jesus is so merciful. Anyway. I'm Native American of the plains Cree tribe. I was zealous for God when I practiced my cultural ways. And still am, now that I have revelation of Jesus. I was ignorant of scriptures, ignorant of history and just right in my own eyes. But thank you Jesus for being long-suffering! I used to even persecute my wife for this truth (before we were married of course.) But Jesus knew I had a love for Him. Just was in the wrong way. He helped steer me towards Him by giving me a vision of hell (took something that drastic) to help convince me. Because natives, we dont believe in a place for punishment. Than I knew it was a real place. And since it's real, it was talked about in the bi ble. And than I went to my wife's church and heard His word. Than eventually, got baptized and received the Holy Ghost. And really felt God finally in my life. Felt his presence, His love for me. That I never felt in any other church or setting (like my cultural practices of sweat lodges, sundances). Now I love Jesus. I'm doing my best to live for Him. Being separate from the world. I'm practicing living Holy by abstaining from things I used to do. He restores my soul. He gives me peace. Cause I know without a doubt that He exists and He loves me. He gives me joy. He'll continue to do so as long as I stay obedient and learn more and more to be like Him. Cause in the end, we all will stand before him. Rich and poor. If the Lord tarries, we all will die. And we will answer for everything we did in this life. Whether good or bad. I don't know about you but I want to stand before a savior, a dad, my God and hear those words-"Thou good and faithful servant." Anyway. Thats me and thank you for reading and I hope we all can learn off each other and help support one another as we all do our own walk with Jesus. So, how are you?

MawMaw 03-13-2018 07:04 PM

Re: Praise the Lord! Greetings!
Great testimony!! :nod I've had the Holy Ghost
since I was 18. Had my ups and downs just like
every one else does in life. So thankful I've had
Jesus to cling to during this journey!! He is faithful,
So faithful!! :) Again welcome!

Truthseeker 03-13-2018 07:14 PM

Re: Praise the Lord! Greetings!
Welcome! God is indeed awesome. Can you share this vision of hell you had?

FlamingZword 03-13-2018 11:15 PM

Re: Praise the Lord! Greetings!

Praxeas 03-14-2018 03:37 AM

Re: Praise the Lord! Greetings!

Amanah 03-15-2018 05:08 AM

Re: Praise the Lord! Greetings!
Holy Ghost Radio
Just now
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Evang.Benincasa 04-14-2019 06:23 AM

Re: Praise the Lord! Greetings!
Welcome Aaron in Jesus name

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