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Re: Pentecostal Testimonies

At an Apostolic Church in 1985, the truth found me. I was 18 years old, raised Roman Catholic, but had questions that centuries of tradition could not answer. All I knew was that I needed "something." When Jesus found me, I knew that was what I needed.

Filled with the Holy Ghost baptism on June 23, 1985 and water-baptized in Jesus' Name later that same evening. I have found rest for my soul!

Bishop Don Johnson used to be a frequent visitor at my church, and I would just love to hear him sing his "I Can't Complain" song! What an awesome tribute to the goodness of God!

I've had some bad days
And I've had hills to climb
I've had some sad days
And then a weary mind
But when I look about
And think these things all out
All of the good days outweigh the bad days
And I can't complain

God is so good to me
He is so good to me
More than this world could be
He's so good to me
His Spirit came to me
And gave me victory
God is so good to me
I can't complain.

Hallelujah!! I love you, Jesus!!
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