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Re: Rob McKee does not believe Affirmation Stateme

McKee has also affixed his name to a divisive movement that picks and choose its standards to preach while calling out org leadership when it states:
Whereas the United Pentecostal Church International has been the flagship organization of the modern Oneness Movement, it is important that she remain a doctrinally sound organization, standing foursquare on those absolutes that bind us together.

Furthermore it is imperative for the modern Apostolic Church to contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the Early Church.

The public face of this precious organization is comprised of elected leadership, committee appointees, and speakers at our meetings. We feel that these should be men whose lives and ministries entirely reflect the values and beliefs of the United Pentecostal Church International.

Whereas we as ministers of the gospel have no more precious asset than our families and churches, and no more solemn responsibilities, we are concerned about the consequences of intermingling and fellowship with those who share our organizational affiliation but not our commitment to the doctrinal absolutes and Apostolic distinctives that we find in the Word of God.

While we recognize among us that there is considerable latitude for differences in the expression of holiness principles, we find ourselves at a critical juncture where there is a battle being waged for the soul of the Apostolic movement. There are destructive forces at work that would like to strip us of our Apostolic identity in an effort to be more palatable to a godless society.

The faithful grassroots constituents of this movement overwhelmingly agree on these basic points:

1. The complete infallibility and full sufficiency of Scripture both Old and New Testaments.
2. The Oneness of God having always been expressed by the Apostles.
3. The essentiality of the New Birth as defined by John 3:3-5 and Acts 2:38, et al.
4. Deuteronomy 22:5, when the principle of this passage is properly applied, women should wear dresses and men should wear pants. (edited 9/28/09
5. 1 Corinthians 11 teaches that men are to keep their hair cut short, and that the hair of our ladies is to be kept uncut.

6. Biblical modesty precludes (prohibits) excessive jewelry, painting of the face, coloring of the hair, short skirts, mini skirts, shorts, sleeveless dresses or shirts, and low necklines.

We understand that there will always be room for differences among us, and that each pastor has the responsibility to preach, teach and disciple his flock as he sees fit. Issues such as media, wedding bands, and other areas of diversity are and should continue to be tolerated.

We oppose the idea of a co-existence of teaching an Old Pentecostal Tradition versus New Pentecostal Tradition concerning any area of doctrine and standards. We consider these elements as a non-negotiable doctrine established upon the Word of God.

We believe that we should strive to reflect the positions detailed by Scripture concerning these issues, in our homes and in the churches we are called to serve, whatever that capacity may be.

Knowing the importance of godly fellowship, and knowing that evil communications corrupt good manners, it is our desire to provide the basis for a network of truth loving men who have covenanted together to uphold and support one another in contending for the faith once delivered to the saints

Further proof that the affirmation statement and those who proclaim a corner on holiness standards have used the Affirmation Statement as a political sword to divide and destroy since its inception in 1992 .... using its contents wantonly while willing to break fellowship over it..

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