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Re: Sad state of affairs in UPC missions in Mexico

Originally Posted by Originalist View Post
Really makes me want to cry, and leaves me feeling disillusioned.

a few months ago, all UPCI missionaries were called home from Mexico due to the T.W. Drost situation, and Hazelwwod has terminated all missions there indefinately. My sources from within the World Missions Department made it clear to me that all UPCI missions efforts in Mexico have been shelved with no end in sight to this decision. This means those missionaries who were assured they would be able to return within a few months now must face the grim reality that they have lost their works they dedicated their lives to for so many years, and must find new countries to minister in.

Really? While the rest of the Pentecostal world is pouring money and personell into that country, we are retreating over one man? It makes no sense. I feel it is a huge mistake. They should just bid farewell to Drost and the 50% of Mexican pastors who are following him and officially recognize the "PUMEX" group which is comprised of the other 50% of pastors that have broken off from IPUM.

People have asked me what I'm going to do. Some have encouraged me to go ahead to Mexico as an independent or with GNCM. I have no doubt we could raise the money and I even have many Trinitarians who are pledging support. Others advise me that it could not possibly be God's will since the will of God is always tied to the decisions of the leaders of the organization.

We are heading down there in June anyway to spend the Summer with my wife's family. We will be working in their family business. Perhaps this will be a good time to reflect and find the mind of God on the matter. The first thing God is going to have to help me with is the bad taste all of this leaves in my mouth.

The only hesitation I have about going as an independent is that I don't want to be isolated. I have literally spent over a year in Mexico accumatively since 1999, having taken 16 trips there. But the thought of spending a few months being mentored by a veteran missionary seems very logical and appealing. I realize i'm not as "green" as most who would be going on the mission field, but having a Paul in one's life is always a blessing.

Please pray for us as we ponder these decisions.
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