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Re: Miracles still happen

Originally Posted by amerscot51 View Post
My son was raised on the Word of God, His life became turbulent for many years
until just s little over a month ago at age 48 he and his wife received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, he has started a Bible Study Group in his Garage at home where he shows preaching videos by Jeff Arnold, Lee Stoneking, TF Tenny, etc. They are having a great out pouring of the Holy Ghost just like the Day of Pentecost and Azusa Street Revival, He is expecting 20 this Thursday in just 30 days, he works in the neighborhood where he used to sell and use drugs the change in his life is influencing many to look at letting the Lord turn their life around.
Please tell me the name of the city where this is happening so we can add this work to our prayer list.
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