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Why would anyone feel that the Canadians becoming nationaized would be "breaking away" from the UPCI? It is supposed to be the goal of every missionary to bring the nation where they are serving to nationalization as soon as that country has enough ministers and churches, along with qualified leaders to direct the affairs of the national organization.

In the early 90's, while serving as Atlantic District Foreign Missions Director, I suggested that Canada should be its own National Organization and support its own missionaries. (At that time a C$, by the time it actually reached the missionary was worth about 65 cents.) Of course that flew like a lead balloon.

I disagree that the UPCI and UPC Canada would be weakened by Canada being on its own. The PAOC has been independent from the AOG in the USA from the outset and it is the largest Pentecostal organization in Canada by far. The ACOP is a Canadian organization with its own headquarters in Calgary, it's own missions department, its own accredited Bible college that had 120 students last year, etc.

Does anyone know of any other country in the world that has as many churches and ministers as Canada that has not become nationalized? Canada has its own culture, is a bilingual nation, is already registered as a charitable organization, has an annual Canadian Conference, etc.

I believe the Canadian UPC would benefit from being nationalized. This is not the same as "breaking away". I would call it "growing up".
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