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Re: McCain Is the Only Hope of the GOP & America

Originally Posted by ChristopherHall View Post
Look at the following list showing where the United States ranks globally in regards to it's health care system,

You mean to tell me that you believe that America can't pull off what all the countries ahead of us have pulled off and do it better??????

France came in #1. Interestingly their running 13 billion dollar defecits in their system...but it's still cheaper than the private system here in the United States where we spend at least 16% more on health care costs than they do. I guess according to you we're the Western world's biggest loosers, should throw our hands up in the air, and walk away. Get real bro.

I'm saying I know we can do better. But it's going to also take Christians jumping into the frey and advocating for the helpless and those in need because BIG money powers want to maintain their strangle hold on Americas health care system. If you want to fight the "greed"....consider that Dr. William McGuire (CEO of United Health Care) made out with over 1.7 BILLLION dollars in stock options....while an estimated 18,000 Americans died that year because they couldn't afford health insurance.

Why feed a lying, currupt beast though.?

Ok, you want to fix it? Why not advocate that we do something about the greedy pharmacies to bring the prices down ? Why not advocate that we do something about the greedy lawyers waiting outside hospitals and doctors offices for a chance at a frevilous lawsuit. Not to mention the greedy people who take them up on it.?

You remember the tobbaco settlements? How all that millions was going to cancer victims, hospitals, anti-smoking etc. Then a year or so later it came out that all the states had spent the money because their local governments were "broke" (what ever)

You talked at the beginning of this thread about addressing the root of the problem. Well there is the root of the problem. Its can't be solved by feeding the greed even more.
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