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Re: Honest Abe was not so honest??

Originally Posted by crakjak View Post
Pure nonsense!!!

Lincoln declared all slaves free with the Emancipation Proclamation!!

Still it has taken 150 years for slaves to be mostly free, because of cultural conditioning in both blacks and whites. No way it could have been instantaneously. There are still deep issues that has roots in slavery.
Lincoln wanted to save the union above all else.

Slavery was the great divide, because the North had industry and was very rich, while the South depended on slavery to survive. It was wrong but the South's economy depended on it, so naturally the South opposed any restrictions on the expansion of slavery into the territories. The North was dead set against slavery in any new states.
Lincoln had his hands full, desperate times require desperate actions from leaders, Lincoln succeed in saving the union. Had he not the nation would have likely crumbled, he did what he had to do, in the only ways he knew how.

It has already been said, that to judge him from today's perspective is very unfair, and dismissive of the times, and circumstances.

Slavery was a very thorny issue.

But God had seen the abuse of slaves and heard their cries, it was time for a change, but it was and is at an awesome price. Slavery was truly an abomination.
Respectfully, your statement shows that you really do not understand the Emancipation Proclamation.

It only freed slaves in confederate territory that was NOT under Union control. That's right. It did not apply to territory occupied by the Union army, nor did it apply to Kentucky, Missouri, West Virginia, Maryland, or Delaware. Slaves in those areas mentioned here stayed slaves. Furthermore, even in unoccupied territory, it did not apply to any slave owner that was a Union loyalist.

Furthermore, the southern slave owners had no illusions of setting up a plantation system in the territories. The few slaves that would have gone there would have been the kind that would not have left their masters even if they had been granted freedom. The real reason that the yankees did not want blacks in those territories is because they were racist white supremacists who wanted those lands reserved solely for whites. Think I'm wrong? Laws had already been passed forbidding homesteading by free blacks and guess who supported that legislation? Senator Abraham Lincoln.
Most northern States had laws forbidding the immigration of blacks. After the war blacks could vote in the former confederate states before they could vote in northern States.

Furthermore, the north depended on slavery just as much as the South did. The north sucked up 70 % of all tax revenue that came from the South. The money was in the south. The north was not going to let their cash cow get way and THAT is why they would not let the south go, not over dome moral question of slavery. Had the CSA won its independence, the world's nations that exported goods to North America would have abandoned Yankee ports because of the high tariffs and would have used Confederate ports where tariffs were very low. The north would have gone bankrupt. What we had in 1861-65 was nothing more than am economic/trade war that the winners later cloaked in the moral cause of abolition. Sadly, many people fall for this.

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