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Originally Posted by Darcie View Post
Tell me about your growing pains! That way I'll know if what we are going thru is normal!

We grew very slowly. We added five the first year. Five the next year.
A total of 15 after two years. Not your prototypical HM success story, huh?

We lived in the back of the church for six months because I was stupid and sacrificed my family's well-being to purchase a church building.

The building we bought was an old pool supply store. The walls were blue and green. We totally renovated it. It is completely paid for now, and we are about to build a new church.

In our third year we added a Kid's Church program. This is the engine of our church. Since then we have had over 1300 visitors come through our doors. From that we added a sports program for kids. We sponsored little league programs in our city. We give away free school supplies to hundreds of kids each fall.

We OWN the children's ministry market in our town.
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