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Re: oh boy, what have I done now....

Well, looks like my plans have been put on hold temporarily. My motherboard never arrived. The seller never shipped it out, but fortunately they refunded me (and it even showed in my account the same day).

However, this may be for the best, since I now have to spend around $340 to repair my pickup. The water pump went out, and it turns out you almost have to disassemble half the engine to get to it (the timing belt even has to come out to replace it). Which in and of itself may also be a good thing, since the truck has never had the timing belt replaced, and it's showing some signs of wear.

Praise God even in the bad, because sometimes He's protecting us from something far worse. If that timing belt had broken, it would have caused much more damage to the point of possibly just scrapping it. And if I hadn't got the refund back on my motherboard, I wouldn't have the funds necessary to pay for the repairs. He's always working things out for our good, even when we can't see it.
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Sometimes hidden dangers spring on us suddenly. Those are out of our control. But when one can see the danger, and then refuses to arrest , all in the name of "God is in control", they are forfeiting God given, preventive opportunities.

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