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Re: Food with the longest shelf life?

Originally Posted by Roagiesgal View Post
Well glad to hear that, I will have to check at Costco the next time I am there...staying clean is going to be very important!

The more I prep the more I realize how vital water is! We were able to get a IBC from our son awhile back. My hubby is going to connect it to the gutters on his shop, it has a metal roof and won't have as much junk running off. We got the gutter clear stuff from Costco and installed in his gutters to be first debris filter, he then got a couple (also from our son) down spout filters to further remove particles, then we will build a fine filter to remove all the little stuff. The last step will be pour though the Berkey if we are needing to drink it, if not it will be clean for laundry, hair washing, what ever the need other than drinking...
Living in the desert, water is my #1 concern. It is easy enough to store water for an extended period if all your doing is drinking it, but when you factor any sort of hygiene, washing cloths regardless of how efficient you do it, and even enough to water a small garden, suddenly the amount you needs increases 10-100 fold.
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