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Re: Romans 9:5 - understanding the English AV text

Originally Posted by votivesoul View Post
Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner.

I think you have it absolutely correct, particularly the use of elohim and its applied sense to other beings, even humans, apart from the God of Israel.

The question then is, does Paul in Romans 9:5, or other writers of the NT, for that matter, use theos in the same way, as various OT authors used elohim?
I think each passage would have to be looked at individually. In this present case, the apostle is quoting an OT scripture, so the underlying sense is to be derived from that OT passage. Then, the NT use of that passage is examined to see how it is being understood and applied. In other cases, where the NT is not quoting the OT, we have to consider the context and how the original audience would have likely understood what was being claimed by the writer/speaker.

One thing is certain: Christianity in its earliest forms ascribed deity to Christ in some fashion, for a reason. That being done, Christians have (since then) argued what the significance of it is, and how it affects our understanding of Biblical monotheism, with some arguments being better than others, etc.
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