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Re: "With the Holy Ghost and with fire"

I think this commentary from Praxeas is interesting:

Originally Posted by Praxeas View Post
Not always with judgement
Fire in the Old Testament is specially associated with the Divine presence, e.g. in the making of the Covenant with Abraham (Gen_15:17), in the burning bush. (Exo_3:2-4), in the pillar of fire (Exo_13:21), on Sinai (Exo_19:18), in the flame on the altar (Jdg_13:20). Yahweh was "the God that answereth by fire" (1Ki_18:24, 1Ki_18:38). In the Law, therefore, sacrifices and offerings (including incense) were to be made by fire (Exo_12:8, Exo_12:9, Exo_12:10; Lev 1). Fire from Yahweh signified the acceptance of certain special and separate sacrifices (Jdg_6:21; 1Ki_18:38; 1Ch_21:26). In Lev_9:24 the sacrificial fire "came forth from before Yahweh." The altar-fire was to be kept continually burning (Lev_6:12, Lev_6:13); offering by "strange fire" (other than the sacred altar-fire) was punished by "fire from before Yahweh" (Lev_10:1, Lev_10:2). Fire came from heaven also at the consecration of Solomon's Temple (2Ch_7:1).

Fire was an emblem (1) of Yahweh in His glory (Dan_7:9); (2) in His holiness (Isa_6:4); (3) in His jealousy for His sole worship (Deu_4:24; Heb_12:29; Psa_79:5; perhaps also Isa_33:14); (4) of His protection of His people (2Ki_6:17; Zec_2:5); (5) of His righteous judgment and purification (Zec_13:9; Mal_3:2, Mal_3:3; 1Co_3:13, 1Co_3:15); (6) of His wrath against sin and punishment of the wicked (Deu_9:3; Psa_18:8; Psa_89:46; Isa_5:24; Isa_30:33, "a Topheth is prepared of old"; Mat_3:10-12; Mat_5:22, the Revised Version (British and American) "the hell of fire," margin "Greek, Gehenna of fire"; see Isa_30:33; Jer_7:31; Mat_13:40, Mat_13:42; Mat_25:41, "eternal fire"; Mar_9:45-49; see Isa_66:24; 2Th_1:7; Heb_10:27; Jud_1:7); (7) of the word of God in its power (Jer_5:14; Jer_23:29); (8) of Divine truth (Psa_39:3; Jer_20:9; Luk_12:49); (9) of that which guides men (Isa_50:10, Isa_50:11); (10) of the Holy Spirit (Act_2:3); (11) of the glorified Christ (Rev_1:14); (12) of kindness in its melting power (Rom_12:20); (13) of trial and suffering (Psa_66:12; Isa_43:2; 1 Pet 17; 1Pe_4:12); (14) of evil (Pro_6:27; Pro_16:27; Isa_9:18; Isa_65:5); lust or desire (Hos_7:6; Sirach 23:16; 1Co_7:9); greed (Pro_30:16); (15) of the tongue in its evil aspects (Jam_3:5, Jam_3:6); (16) of heaven in its purity and glory (Rev_15:2; see also Rev_21:22, Rev_21:23).
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