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Re: Glorified Flesh?

Originally Posted by Esaias View Post
Perhaps you could actually address the Scriptures that have been presented to you instead of shifting the conversation to other things or just repeating your claims without showing the actual Scriptural proof of them? "To say the flesh exists today you have to say there are two gods" is pure poppycock. Otherwise there were two gods when Jesus walked the earth.
When you constantly throw out statements like these it just looks like you are avoiding the Scriptures that were presented to you, that you are just sticking your fingers in your ears refusing to face the fact your theory is completely unbiblical. I'm not trying to be rude but you really have just been dancing around the key points in this thread. All these pages and you haven't given chapter and verse that says Jesus lost His body at the ascension or that He is no longer human.

John 8:35 says the Son abides forever, Psalm 110:4 says Christ is to be a PRIEST FOREVER according the order of Melchizedek.

I have given you scripture, please read all my posts in this thread. You ask ďgive me scripture that says there is no fleshy body of the human form of JesusĒ, Iím sorry I canít. If I ask you to give me a scripture that says, the physical, natural body of Jesus is in Heaven? You through this body are separating one into two, you use (John 8:35), to prove what Jesus the son (human form) abides forever, where is God in the spirit or should I ask what is Jesus in the spirit realm? You quote (lCorinthians 15) as well as I do, but is that for Jesus, or is that for us. Remember, we desire the resurrection, he IS the resurrection (John 11:25). We need a body, you desire that as a sinner desires the Holy Ghost, why do you need this body, because if there is no body, that means.....

Flesh and Spirit are warring against each other, we understand that, the body of God is not a trophy, it was a vessel thatís all, sorry I donít have scripture for that, you should have enough understand to believe that, our bodies are not trophies, the spirit within us is a trophy. Our spirits in the heavenly realm will not be our bodies on earth, theyíre going to be something totally different, the seed looks NOTHING like the plant.
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