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Re: Glorified Flesh?

Flesh (depending on the context), flesh and bone (very common expression also in the Old Testament), flesh and blood, are all idioms. You can't think of them as telling you something hidden or scientifically literal to the modern reader.

The word natural in 1 Cor 15:44 is also translated as "sensual" in other contexts. It is referring to the current human body with its sensual desires. In the resurrection we won't be struggling with sensuality:
Mat 22:30 KJV - For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

I don't see how Paul is referring to "natural" or "flesh and blood" contrasting with "spiritual" from the scientific standpoint of biology or physics. It can only mean that in our current rationale/scientific-brain-washed minds. That contrast simply talks about the sensuality, dominance of carnal instincts, etc..., we struggle with vs the free from all those things and lead by the spirit bodies we will have. They are both physicals, but one sensual, glutton, savage, greedy, and the other one free from the intrinsic natural desires that make you commit those sins to begin with, e.g. the desire to procreate.
You have to trust God with the details regarding how it will actually be.
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