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Re: Witnessing at restaurant/cafe/etc table

Originally Posted by Esaias View Post
I give thanks before and after eating. I have engaged in Bible discussions with family or friends, and others nearby usually can hear somewhat about what is being discussed. But I have found about 99% of people don't want to interact with strangers for any reason whatsoever except maybe a short comment while standing in line or if something happens that gets everybody's attention. Very rare for anyone to try to interact with another dinner party (except singles trying to hook up, or somebody soliciting trinkets or watches, or somebody's drunk as a skunk and is about to get a free ride in a police car, or something aberrant like that).

People are way more insulated from others nowadays, compared to when I was younger.

Of course, I don't eat out that much at restaurants anyway.
What I HAVE found, is that God will often send someone your way who will mention some issue they have, which gives you an opportunity to pray for them and testify. That is usually much more fruitful. People respond positively (usually) when you just act like a Christian and offer to help out in whatever way you can.
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