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Re: Witnessing at restaurant/cafe/etc table

Originally Posted by Esaias View Post
What I HAVE found, is that God will often send someone your way who will mention some issue they have, which gives you an opportunity to pray for them and testify. That is usually much more fruitful. People respond positively (usually) when you just act like a Christian and offer to help out in whatever way you can.
Thank you! I have found it to be the same way also.

I was just asking in case someone had other ways to start a conversation about the Lord.
lol, I was baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost before a lot of people here were born, but I'm not afraid to ask for new ideas or experiences.

At times, I eat lunch at the local senior center so most generally someone will be at the same table as I. Yesterday I wanted to say something about the Lord, but some men were talking about things. When they stopped, I looked at a man across the table and just said, "Thank you Jesus for a full meal and a full stomach!" He laughed and said yes, but the other men just kept eating and didn't respond at all.

Any way, thank you all and God bless!
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