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Re: The Bible Evidence of the Baptism of the Spiri

Originally Posted by Jeffrey View Post
Sam, I sincerely wanted to know your thoughts.
Where do you get that only a fourth of the Corinthians were Holy Ghost baptized? It doesn't say so in the Text at all. ...
When Paul is speaking to the folks in Corinth about the resurrection he mentions that at one time there were over 500 brethren who saw Jesus after his resurrection and prior to His ascension. This had to be prior to the experience of Pentecost in Acts 2. Yet in Acts 1:15 we find about 120 who were waiting/tarrying in prayer in Jerusalem awaiting the HGB. That's where I got my figure of one fourth. Over 500 saw Jesus and believed in His resurrection but only about one fourth of them (120) were waiting for the Spirit's outpouring.

I have not read a whole lot of Bro. Wigglesworth's stuff. In the article he does not seem to differentiate between having the Spirit and being baptized in the Spirit. But, if he believes he did not really have the Spirit until he spoke with tongues, that would mean that while he was preaching prior to the HGB he was not really saved or born again. I assume (note I used the word assume) that Smith Wigglesworth considered himself saved prior to his HGB experience, and then after his HGB experience he still considered that he had been saved before the experience. The salvation experience first and HGB subsequent is pretty standard teaching among Apostolics/Pentecostals/Charismatics.

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