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Re: Is The Serpent Seed Doctine A "Damnable Heresy

Originally Posted by Dr. Vaughn View Post
Wow, what a beautiful quote from Brother Branahm,, Daniel, thanks
Look at Calvary. When that blood cell was housed up, God Himself coming down, building around Himself a Blood cell in the womb of Mary. That Blood cell developed another cell, a cell on a cell. And It was born, the virgin born Son of God; God was inside of Him, the Spirit. Then at Calvary He become a blood sacrifice. And a cruel spear embalmed His body, and broke that blood cell; Out come the life breaking forth from life: water, blood, spirit. And now that man coming to Jesus Christ today, and coming through the blood, comes into the Blood cell in fellowship by the Holy Spirit, becomes a part of God, has God's Life in him, becomes a son and daughter of God. It's just as impossible for that man to be lost, as it is for God Himself to be lost." ('The Mark of Christ', 12 March 1955)
clearly the good doctor and I have vastly different ideas on what a "beautiful quote is."
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