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Re: Is The Serpent Seed Doctine A "Damnable Heresy

Originally Posted by Dr. Vaughn View Post
Bro. Daniel..... I believe he CREATED a perfect blood cell,, yes sir... one with no taint of Satan,,, perfect in everyway,,, pure blood... blood that carried that was required for a sinless sacrifice
But blood cells have 46 chromosomes Dr.

Brother Epley also substantiates this divine flesh/sperm/blood cell doctrine but under a different premise ...

Insisting for the same reason ... and quoting the scripture that life is in the blood.

1. God is a spirit ... with no blood or sperm

2. All humans have 46 chromosomes. Through meiosis and then the reproductive process ... a man's sperm supplies 24 chromosomes and the woman's egg supplies 23 to make a total HUMAN ... W/ 46 chromosomes.

If we use Epleyian logic and natural laws and apply it to the baby Jesus that was conceived ....God's sperm/blood would supply 46 blood chromosomes and Mary would have supplied the other 23 ... to make Jesus ... half man and full God??? Was he not all man and all God

Or of course we can say he's all man and all God ... as the Elder still asserts ... and that would mean Jesus had 69 chromosomes ... making him not a human by any measure.

We don't have to explain the supernatural ... folks ... the virgin's conception is just that ... SUPERNATURAL ....

The Elder, yourself, and brother Branahm also forgets that what animated and created the living soul which we call man ... is not blood ... but HIS BREATH!!!!
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