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Re: Urgent Prayer For Bro. Benicasa

There is a house at Chub Cay Bahamas we are supposed to be working on this summer. That's if I can make it. I am wore out about now. I did a job with Muriatic acid and the fan I used wasn't large enough. Brilliant move on my part.

Now I have to place the epoxy on the floor. Still haven't done that. Dealing with a few different Yahwists and had to put that on a temporary hold. The folks who ended up seeing what I was trying to explain picked up the ball and are running with it with the rest of the ones who were standing firm on what they believed. Had visitors at the home church this morning, while I was at another location. Slowing down takes time?

I want to thank everyone for their kindness and prayer support.

I love you all very much.

The Lord bless you all in Jesus name
"Don't Kill The Messenger" ~Sophocles
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