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Re: Be Perfect Be Pure

Originally Posted by Michael The Disciple View Post
So you think Spirit filled Christians can't be sin free? Did you watch my videos?
No, I do not think you or me or anyone is going to be sin free. But what do you mean by "sin free"? This minute? today? a lifetime, what?

I have not watched all the videos yet. I just now have some time to get back on this forum.

Can you show anywhere that I said or wrote that the instant someone sins they lose their justified status?
There was a thread a while back on what is the state of a believer from the moment he or she sins till repentance. In other words is the believer lost until he repents? I'm pretty sure you posted in that thread as some of the others on this thread posted as well. I'm pretty sure I was alone in saying I did not think a person lost their salvation till they repented. That is, I was the only one who did not think a person was no longer justified, i.e., lost, till he repented. There is no good news to the Gospel if I think I am only saved as long as I perfectly obey.

So based on what you've just said in the quote, maybe you in fact do not believe a person loses their salvation when he or she sins. Do you or do you not believe this?

If Jesus Christ is in someone every moment HE IS SAVING THEM minute by minute by his Spirit.

Our salvation is not BASED on our obedience. But our obedience IS an essential part of its finality.
I don't know what this actually means. Could you clarify?

1 John 2:17

17And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.
But you don't perfectly do the will of God, and neither do I. If somebody thinks he does, he has an overdeveloped sense of his own righteousness, and probably an underdeveloped sense of what sin is. Do you honestly think you perfectly fulfill Jesus's command to love your neighbor as yourself? So, if you don't perfectly do God's will, where does that leave you?
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