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Originally Posted by BoredOutOfMyMind View Post
Why not ask your Pastor to see your bylaws? Generic Bylaws may not apply in your church or State.

Define leadership. Leadership can be a board member, or can be a head of a department like outreach.

I will answer some questions, but do fail to see why we would want to paste the entire bylaws here.
As to my knowledge we do not have our own stated bylaws to date. As far as leadership goes, media department head may not fit your discription.

We recently had a minister preach a two day revival. This preacher was not of the UPCI. Also this preacher had a beard. He was black but I don't think that bit of info will play into this discussion. My question is, "Is a preacher that is not with the organization allowed to preach and further more is anything stated in the bylaws to whether or not a minister with a beard should be allowed on the platform."
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