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Re: question about other forums

Originally Posted by Pressing-On View Post
The good thing about AFF is that you won't be censored, generally. Many other forums will censor you. So, what I do is engage in a debate if that is what I want to do, read some debates without participating and ignore everything else that annoys me. Works for me.
Or she hijacks the annoying thread with shoes, christmas trees, underwear, or stories of dog knapping aliens.
You can't reach the world with your talents. People are sick and tired of religious talents. People need a Holy Ghost annointed church with real fruits to reach out and touch their lives. ~ Pastor Burrell Crabtree

In fact I think that the insinuation of "hateful" Pentecostals is coming mostly from the fertile imaginations of bitter, backslidden ex Apostolics who are constantly trying to find a way to justify their actions. ~ strait shooter
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