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Bishop Ellis and Ariana Grande

So, how many have heard about Bishop Ellis and his "accidental" inappropriate touching of Ariana Grande? He apologized for it, but having seen the video, I suspect that it was not an accident. In my opinion the PAW needs to have him step down as bishop, even if just temporarily while they investigate the situation.

If you ask me, the funeral should never have taken place there to begin with. It had nothing to do with promoting the Gospel, and everything to do with drawing media attention to them (him?). Unfortunately for him, it's now drawn the wrong kind of attention.

There was an additional grievance about a joke he made, but the joke was harmless in my opinion (he joked about her name sounding like an item on the Taco Bell menu).

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Sometimes hidden dangers spring on us suddenly. Those are out of our control. But when one can see the danger, and then refuses to arrest , all in the name of "God is in control", they are forfeiting God given, preventive opportunities.