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Re: State of the Forum, 09

Originally Posted by Saul Stephen View Post
We often think that love is forgotten , yet, reassuringly so, appears unannounced and very much hugable, my soul can be touched with with tender words that sink deeply, yes very tenderly, to a spot within my understanding, it is here, this me, this person that i am, takes time to enjoy its intended. I have prayer early each morning with a wife of 54 years, she is very week at times, very fragile, very serious problems, sits in a wheelchair, sleeps in a recliner, i give her 24/7. So gladly, yes, i love her more everyday. This wonderful friend, may leave me one of these days, but the reality of it all is this, do i love her for who she is to me, without question? Yes, willingly. Think about it! Is this not the same approach of our mutual friend and savior, yes, 24/7. This morning i prayed over all of you, without question, and i felt so good in my soul because of it. Say now, what a wonderful memory to carry with me today. Love willingly.
Glad to have you on board, Saul Stephen. Thank you for your prayers. That is the most important thing you can do for all of us. Will be holding you and your precious wife up also in prayer.
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