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Re: If You Planted a Garden What Did You Plant?

Originally Posted by KeptByTheWord View Post
No planting for me here yet. Although, I am wanting to do a "cold plant" garden, which includes broccoli, spinach, and kale. I am probably going to buy some seeds this week, and start them inside, and then plant outside perhaps sometime in April. I've decided unless my husband builds me a greenhouse, I am not even going to bother with warm-weather loving veggies like tomatoes, squash and peppers. Even in the summer, although the day temps get up to 90-100, at night, it cools down to the low 40s, sometimes 30s, and our first frost was Aug 30... so, I think this year I am going to concentrate on veggies that like cold weather...

Anyone else doing cold weather lovin veggies?
These are the veggies that make up our 'fall garden'... planted in Sept., it makes all winter. I just pulled up the last of the lettuces and cut the last shoots of broccoli. Can't grow anything like that here in spring, it bolts.
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