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Re: Strange New Scientific Theory:

Originally Posted by Amanah View Post
it has long been noted that quantum theory and Hinduism can be seen as being related.
I know. It's strange.

Hinduism is a strange animal. It seems to be polytheistic... but every deva is a manifestation of Brahman, the ultimate reality, so it shifts to being monotheistic. While the more simple Hindu believer regards their "gods" as personal entities, Hinduism also allows for their sacred stories to be regarded as spiritualized allegories of a sacred science. I had once read an article wherein a guru stated that Hindu practice, the primarily the mantras, focus on vibration, vibration that is believed to effect the natural world, seeing that everything at its sub-atomic level is a positive, negative, or neutral vibrational charge. And so, the ancient yogis explored how these mantric vibrations effected the body, level by level, and that understanding this process is more important than assigning theological definitions.

I remember back when I was in church, we'd have prayer meetings. And although I didn't know it was like a mantra at the time, me and many others would sit quietly repeating in lower tones, "Halleluiah, I love you Jesus", or just the name, "Jesus", over and over and over. I remember how the focus on God would clear my thoughts, and how the mere vibration of saying these things over and over seemed to sooth and calm my mind. It was like the vibrations produced by speaking these things resonated through my skull and massaged my brain. lol

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