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Smile Re: Holiness Swim Wear

Originally Posted by *AQuietPlace* View Post
For whatever weird reason, I was thinking about this thread when I woke up this morning. I tend to do that a lot. I'm strange.

Anyway, the brilliant thought that was banging around in my brain is this:

It's not how much skin you have covered that makes people stare and think you're weird. It just comes down to appropriate and inappropriate attire. You could wear a wet suit which covers you from your wrists, to your neck, to your ankles. Wear that at the ocean, and no one will give you a second glance. Wear a three-piece suit and tie, and jump in, and everyone's eyes will bug out. Wear a three-piece suit and tie to Six Flags and people will do a double take. Wear jeans and a t-shirt to Six Flags, and no one will notice you're there. It's not the amount of skin that's 'not' showing, it's just that some attire has specific uses, and if you wear it to a place where it doesn't 'suit the occasion', people will notice.

I wouldn't wear a prom dress to go hiking, and I wouldn't wear hiking boots and denim to the prom. We have attire that we think is appropriate for certain occasions.

So, MissB, I doubt that very many people find it odd when you and your daughters wear long swim shorts and rash guard shirts. That's appropriate attire for the water. But denim does get glances because everyone knows how heavy it gets in water, plus most people think it's weird to swim in everyday clothes.

Of course it's a free country, and we can all do what we want. As a matter of fact, I was wading in a stream just a few days ago, in a jean skirt. I didn't care what anyone thought at the time. But, there's no sense in denying that some people might think it's weird, and for good reason. Not because too much skin was covered, and they think that's strange.... no, just because it's not appropriate attire for the occasion.
Completely agree with this - nothing to add to it!!!!
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