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Re: Holiness Swim Wear

Originally Posted by LadyRev View Post
Once again, we have an example of a "LIB" bashing, judging, criticizing and condemning those whose "christian practices and beliefs" don't line up with their personal preferences or beliefs.

Any empathy that I used to have for LIBS who were/are bashed, judged, criticized and condemned by conservatives, is pretty much GONE.

LIBS whine about how CONS treat them and then turn around and do the exact same things that they whine about.

If anything is IGNORANT, its the above!

If anything is IGNORANT, its running around showing off uglified body parts in a public place! Save it for home! Save it for the bedroom and your husband if you have one. I don't personally want to see those ugly legs sticking out of those shorts nor watch you try to PULL DOWN the legs of those shorts after they are wet and clinging and riding up your backside!
Talk about IGNORANT!
Not all of us have ugly legs.....
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