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pastors and marriage counselors?

Originally Posted by coksiw View Post
There are different views about this topic. It is very difficult. I feel so sorry for those people and the consequences on those kids. Pretty devastating.
I donít think a forum is an appropriate place to talk about this issue. There are a lot of variables involved. In this case, it may be best to look for counseling from the Pastor or an apostolic marriage counselor. Looking for Godís direction is the best.
Pastors and marriage counselors in these years are generally excuse-minded, in terms of the issue of the marriage permanence doctrinal consistency idea. They often have an underlying current of not wanting to offend members and potential members with a hard word.

And I do agree that we should be ultra-cautious about saying:
"Brother A, Sister B, you should do do this."

It is unlikely that we even have all the information accurately. We may not even have the right information as to who is the person's covenant spouse (ie. those in the marriage permanence movement who believe there is one covenant spouse.)

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