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Re: Who was Harry Morse ?

The history is interesting.

How do I determine the theological influences that others had on him ? It is easy to make comparisons, but how do I verify my conclusions ?

A persons theological views change over time. How do I track what a person believed ?? How do I document those changes ?
This is difficult since he is deceased. If there are relatives still alive that knew of this, that would be a good source.

Other ways would be to find any writings, recorded sermons (that may be hard as he passed in 1963) & eye witnesses. My guess is there may not be much around.

You may be able to find info by contacting the historical department of the UPC. Also, believe it or not, the AOG collects UPC related documents. Check their website and see. They will make copies for a fee. You can also visit their historical center and see in person anything they have.
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