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I am new here.. for better fellowship

Thanks to Jesus for allowing me to come here
I am 54 y old.. brother in Jesus from India.. where many million idol Gods getting worships.. but i am worshiping true God who sent His son to shed blood for my sins..
I was born again.. shepherd to three churches, bible teacher to our Bible college, leader/elder for this ministry where other ministers are working with me in ministry..
I am working in some remote areas where is no facilities... and not joined with any mission, God is making me as a hard worker in His kingdom... walking with Jesus from 28 years..
I like to have better fellowship with Doers not preachers. I left the job and dedicated life to serve and work in remote areas which is not my native,.. married 30y .. living with son, daughter, few grown poor kids in home, wife,. sister..... my goal is to reach more people to present gospel, and to plant churches in new areas, and train and send ministers to fields.. I NEED ADVISES, GUIDANCE, PRAYERS AND FELLOWSHIP.. Every day we have battle i love to over come by your prayers.. thank you ..
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