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Re: Epigenetics: Can sin effect multiple generatio

This might also help explain how some struggle with various sinful proclivities after being born again, in spite of their absolute determination to break free?

Is this a part of what is sometimes called an infirmity of the flesh?

What if on top of spiritual regeneration and desire to live free, they need a physical healing?

What if we can't just always "will power" it, or "lay it down", and a deeper healing touch is necessary?

And in light of the possibility of such a really, this would mean that perhaps sin isn't always a matter of it only effecting us? On top of the social impact of our sin effecting others, wouldn't something like this also mean that our sin might also be passed on to the next generations, impacting their lives and the lives around them, in an endless cycle?

I'm just rambling now. Lol

It's just an interesting concept with deep spiritual implications.
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