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Re: Epigenetics: Can sin effect multiple generatio

Originally Posted by Aquila View Post
No one should teach or believe that.

What this is only illustrating is how some people might have an unexplainable predisposition or propensity towards a given sinful proclivity, habit, or behavior.

Also, think about phobias. They are often irrational. Why are they seemingly predisposed to irrationally suffer from outright panic, with their brain shifting into a fight or flight mode, if they find themselves stuck in an elevator?

Why do children born from those who suffer from PTSD often subject to having symptoms of PTSD and elevated cortisol levels, just like their parents, even though they never experienced the traumatic event personally?

It's not that anyone is "bound" or "trapped" in the sins or experiences of their parents. It is just a discovery of something that might explain why some people are born with various inherent predispositions.
So Momma got stuck in an elevator once and her grandkids now have fear of elevators? And you think this is genetically based, CAUSED by granny's experience?

I'm not going to ask if you are serious.
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