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Re: The Timing of Corneliusí Baptism of the Holy G

Originally Posted by Apostolic1ness View Post
How can they be lost, you claimed that by faith alone ones sins are not counted against them? baptist, catholic, presp, etc have a belief similar to that.

faith and baptism/repentance are two sides of the same coin. You guys make it seem like faith is just an intellectual thing such as faith=knowledge or belief, but faith without baptism is not faith at all. invisible faith does not exist.
When I say that through faith and repentance one experiences Justification, I am seeing Justification as a means of grace, not necessarily salvation itself. It is God looking at a sin soaked sinner, and justifying them predicated upon what Christ as done for them. But this justification is only opening the door, the convert has to walk through that door and receive the remission of sins provided by water baptism (remission) and the baptism of the Holy Spirit (regeneration). If they draw back and do not enter in to receive remission and regeneration, they are not experiencing the fullness of actual NT salvation.
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