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Originally Posted by Praxeas View Post
Well first of all Im really asking if the ring is a good idea, not if this decision was right or wrong.

Second, that is is not an integral part of "the Christian faith" is purely subjective. What is The christian faith to you is not the same as to someone else. Same with a veil really an integral part of the Islamic faith? Not all muslims would say it is
Brother, how many Christian churches do you know of that have the youngsters wear purity rings? Very few. The practice is not a common one among Christians. The veil among the Islamic folks is fairly common.

To answer your question, I don't see what more a ring could do to help someone keep their virginity. If a made up mind isn't enough I am sure a ring would not make a bit of difference. Still, I can see how the youth could get into a practice like that.
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