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Originally Posted by Brother Strange View Post
We thoroughly hashed the Heavenly Flesh and the original sin question to the extent of about 35 pages recently. It was a good discussion. I appreciate everyone's input even though I did not start that thread.

However, in line with that thought, we have almost unanimously concluded that the body that Jesus was born with was not in any way unlike our own, being made like unto his bretheren, according to Heb 2nd chapter.

Nevertheless, have you considered the state of the post resurrected body of Jesus? Would you say that his physical body is in every sense of the word, divine today? Would you now consider it to be Divine Flesh on this side of His tomb? Would you now think of Him being divine, both Spirit and Body?

If you give an answer, please substantiate your belief with scripture since you probably would have little to go on scientifically.

I will wait for your response.

Where is m' little buddy DA? Prax, where are you? Elder Epley? Anyone?

I guess we would have to define "Divine"....the bible uses the word uncorruptable
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