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Originally Posted by anapko View Post
My experience: I married the daughter of a pastor of an Apostolic church. I became the Associate pastor, serving for close to 20 years. My In-laws were elderly and I began doing the role of pastor. I married, buried, counseled, preached with the consent of my In-laws. sister-in-law had a son that she wanted to have the church. She kept telling her mama and daddy that her son was in direct line to have the church. Mind you, I married the pastor's daughter, her sister! But that wasn't good enough. Soon, my wife and I were forced to leave, it became that bad. answer the question, YES, in my observation, churches are seriously guilty of nepotism, to the nth degree!
I saw a similar situation once, family on family. The one that takes the cake for me was when the "heir" a son-in-law committed adultery and fell from the ministry. Since he wasn't going to inherit the family business- he and his wife decided that no one would. And no one did. Church was handed over to some out of state folks and the family dispersed.
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